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During the IBC 2015 show in Amsterdam, Avid product specialists Michael Krulik and Corey Tedrow are sharing the main stage to demonstrate how top editors in television and film cut with Media Composer. Playing to a packed house today, Corey and Michael revealed how the team at Bad Robot constructed a scene from the recent sci-fi blockbuster Star Trek: Into Darkness. Today’s sessions were overflowing, the good news, three more sessions to come each day on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday!

With Media Composer you can create projects well above HD, including 2K, 4K  and UHD—all with expanded frame rate options up to 60p. Also available are custom resolution projects going up to 8K. But when working with these types of projects, you’re going to need professional high-resolution I/O. For that reason, Avid recently partnered with Blackmagic Design to bring the brand new Artist | DNxIO to video professionals. This is a powerful, professional video I/O interface designed to simplify and accelerate your entire HD, high-res, and Ultra HD workflows.

Avid also is bundling the DNxIO with Blackmagic’s Fusion Connection plug-in. This plug-in directly embeds an advanced node-based VFX supercomputing environment into Media Composer, allowing compositors and effects artists to easily build larger and more complex visual effects.

Avid Product Specialist Michael Krulik

Avid Product Specialist Corey Tedrow

Shooting in a high resolution format enables directors and DPs to acquire amazing footage AND shoot wider frames to capture more of the action. This can introduce other elements that may need to be cut out later like boom mics, or extras on the side of the frame. FrameFlex in Media Composer has the power to make this change without sacrificing image quality.

Working on a Hollywood feature film, enjoyed by millions in the theater, can be a thrilling experience. At some point millions more will see your efforts aired on broadcast television. That’s where real-time subtitling in Media Composer shines. Michael and Corey how subtitling can now be a collaborative effort on the MediaCentral Platform by allowing caption creation from multiple contributors within MediaCentral | UX.

Closed Captioning layout on MediaCentral Platform gives contributors the ability to import standard .mcc, .scc and .stl files and captions that are displayed while the sequence is playing. Inside MediaCentral | UX, you can display the closed captions while they are edited or spellchecked.

Finally, whether you choose to edit from beginning to end with your high-resolution source material, or you decide to transcode to DNxHR, eventually you need to master your project. For high-resolution outputs, you can now export QTs, DPX, XAVC-I, OP1a MXF files. With the MediaReactor plug-in, you can export DCP or Digital Cinema Packages. Avid also provides AS-11 for file delivery. Not having to go out to a 3rd party solution for this means that all of the creative work you do in Media Composer stays intact.

Make sure you don’t miss this exciting presentation with behind-the-scenes footage from Star Trek: Into Darkness. Head to Hall 7 at Avid stand J20 and grab a front row seat.

Saturday, September 12 at 9:45, 13:00, and 16:15

Sunday, September 13 at 10:30, 13:45, and 17:00

Monday, September 14 at 11:15, 13:00, and 15:30

Tuesday, September 15 at 9:45, 12:00, and 14:15


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