Inspired Risk-Taking: Music in Motion Contest Winner Konstantin Reicheld

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Creative inspiration is a funny thing. When it strikes, thoughts of risks and failures fall away. When Konstantin Reicheld saw a YouTube video about the Music In Motion contest, he knew he had to give it a try, thinking, “Let’s just do this and see what happens”. The 26-year-old from Jalta, Ukraine moved to Germany when he was 11. He now lives in Kiel, Germany where he’s been making music across the musical spectrum—from hip hop, trap and EDM to house and urban pop—for the past eight years, while also working as an industrial mechanic.

Konstantin is a study in contrasts. He goes by the name Reycheld for solo projects, and Thisisamk for his hip-hop work. But his aspirations are universal: “To connect with other artists and producers, and to always enjoy making music”.

He points to a virtual kaleidoscope of talents and genres that give him inspiration every day. German-born Hollywood film composer Hans Zimmer, German rock/pop group Puls, Finnish rock band HIM, Chinese-American electronic artist Zhu, Russian rapper/singer MoT, and Haftbefehl, a German rapper of Kurdish/Turkish descent are all influences.

Finding some great vocals was the first step that energized Konstantin to create Hands Up, a mix he calls “chill but also electrifying.” He entered the track into the BeatMaker category and set another wave of innovation and opportunity in motion. Some of Germany’s top music producers—Marek Pompetzki and his partners Paul NZA and Cecil Remmler—who’ve worked with household names Aloe Blacc, Miley Cyrus, Grandmaster Flash and Shaggy judged the piece. The rest, as they say, is history.

Pro Tools of the trade

While being named the winner by the high-profile trio was thrilling, earning an online mixing session with Marek was priceless. “I’ve learned to use Pro Tools more smartly and I’ve improved my mixing skills,” Konstantin says about his experience with Marek. “I think the most helpful advice Marek gave me was about mixing the drums. Beat Detective is a genius for editing drums quickly. I also love to strip silence on recorded live drums, and layer drums by simply dragging and dropping audio files into my projects.”

Despite only using Pro Tools for a year, Konstantin is enthusiastic about what it can do. “Pro Tools is the best—it allows you to quickly edit tracks in an uncomplicated way,” he says. “It’s a well-established program for mixing and more. The summing engine, mix bus engine, routing, and the way you can arrange your projects are second to none. I wouldn’t want to live without it, especially for recording, editing and comping vocals as well as live instruments.”

Konstantin’s favorite Pro Tools feature? “By far it’s the speed at which you can work. It’s laid out so intuitively. Elastic Audio is one of my favorite features but I also love clip gain for quick fixes. I love the shortcuts and using tab to Transcient to quickly navigate through a project. And I also like to route groups of instruments into VCA faders for submixing. It makes my life so much easier and gives me great control over my submixes.”

Never stop creating 

The philosophy that guides Konstantin’s musical path mirrors his advice for other aspiring artists – just keep going and creating. But when considering his top Pro Tools tip he gets practical. Always use the Pro Tools auto backup feature so that you don’t lose your work if your computer crashes or you have a power cut.

The Music In Motion contest gave Konstantin what all artists need – encouragement and new skills. But the personal connections were most valuable. “The opportunity to meet new people and get some great tips from real professionals” was inspirational all on its own.


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