Interplay Innovations

Learn how modern workgroups get the tools they need to overcome challenges in an era where media is created and consumed everywhere.

So just how does Interplay help you make the most of your media? Join Senior Principal Product Designer Ian Krabacher,  Solutions Specialist Craig Wilson, Senior Product Manager for Newsrooms Sean Thorp, and Principal Product Designer Martin Geck as they reveal the design process behind the powerful Interplay Family.


Demystifying Avid Interplay

Over the course of this three-part series, I’ll try to pull the Interplay Family from relative obscurity and clear up the mysteries commonly associated with it. Let’s get started with Part 1.

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Demystifying Avid Interplay: What is Avid Interplay? The Basics.

First and foremost, and perhaps contrary to what some may expect, Avid Interplay isn’t a single product … it is actually a family of products. Learn more in Part 2 of our series.

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Demystifying Avid Interplay: Closer Look at Interplay Central and Interplay Sphere

Avid Interplay Central and Interplay Sphere both aim to tie the creative process together. Let’s take a look in Part 3 of our series.

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Interplay Innovations: Transform Your Work Environment with Interplay Solution Packages

Avid’s new Interplay Solution Packages help small to medium workgroups transform their environments and overcome media acquisition and distribution trends that challenge their workflows.

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Powerful multi-camera tools in Interplay Central

Interplay Innovations: Crank Through Multi-Camera Footage with Interplay Central

Powerful, yet simple-to-use multi-camera tools in Avid’s Interplay Central client push Interplay Production environments to new levels of creative collaboration between editorial teams and supporting staff.

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Interplay Central Messaging

Interplay Innovations: The Medium is the Message for the Avid Interplay Workgroup

Interplay Central Messaging overcomes differences in time, location and schedule to boost communication and creative fluidity among members of the modern workgroup.

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IBC 2013 On The Road with Avid Interplay

Interplay Innovations: On the Road with Avid Interplay at IBC 2013

Professionals around the world converged on IBC 2013 to learn the latest, and left with a new understanding of how media asset management can solve several of the challenges they face in today’s distributed production environments.

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Avid Interplay Pulse

Interplay Innovations: A Single Solution for a Multi-Platform Problem

Interplay Pulse is a new product option that allows media workgroups to unify and orchestrate workflows for distributing content to their audiences across diverse digital platforms.

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Mac Editors Now Collaborate from Everywhere with Interplay Sphere

Interplay Innovations: Mac Editors Now Collaborate from Everywhere with Interplay Sphere

We’re making it easy for professional teams to collaborate from every location and from every platform they need in order to connect to their audiences on time and under budget.

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Production Asset Management: The Connected Newsroom

Interplay Innovations: The Connected Newsroom

See how Avid Interplay Production has revolutionized the newsroom, enabling journalists in the field to connect with their workgroup and audiences worldwide in new and powerful ways.

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Interplay Innovations: Protect Your Facility by Creating Restrictions with Interplay Central

With the most recent versions of Interplay Central web-based client, you now have the ability to create and edit restrictions for your media. Learn more about this feature and it can help your facility steer clear of network policy and legal trouble.

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Interplay Innovations: Work with Sequences Easily in Interplay Central 1.7

Interplay Innovations: Work with Sequences Easily in Interplay Central 1.7

Improvements to the Sequence Pane in Interplay Central 1.7 give users much greater creative control over their edits and more opportunities to collaborate.

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Edit and Trim Sequences Quickly in Interplay Central 1.7

Interplay Innovations: Edit and Trim Sequences Quickly in Interplay Central 1.7

Insert, Overwrite and Trim improvements in Interplay Central 1.7 allow users to build and fine tune their stories more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

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