Introduction to 360/VR Projects in Media Composer with Mocha VR

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In the last 12 months, the 360° video movement has grown rapidly. New cameras, headsets, delivery systems and content seem to be emerging daily. This quick post and video tutorial will cover some of the inherent challenges involved with editing and finishing 360 video.

Mocha VR tech preview at Boris FX IBC 2016

What is 360 Video? 

If you are on Facebook or read the NY Times online, you have most likely seen the video posts.. click on a video and pan around the 360 video. You may own an attachable headset for your mobile phone (Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard, Daydream) or even experienced “immersive VR” on headset wired to a computer (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive).

While VR is a general term for content viewable with a headset, we will focus here specifically on “cinematic VR” or 360 video. 360 video is generally shot with an array of synced cameras than stitched into an equirectangular video format (sometimes called lat/long)

Editing and finishing professional quality 360 videos generally involves a fair amount of post work. The equirectangular format introduces pixel distortion (think of a sphere unwrapped to a flat image) and simplest tasks like adding titles or isolated color correction need consideration.


Some of the most typical tasks include:

  • Reorienting footage
  • Removing Objects
  • Masking for color correction of fixes
  • Inserting 2D graphics into 360
  • Stabilizing and smoothing camera motion

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Ross Shain is the Chief Product Officer of Boris FX. A former Avid employee, Ross has over 20 years in post-production as an editor, visual effects artist and product designer. In 2013, Ross and three colleagues from Imagineer were awarded a Science & Technology Academy Award for the development of mocha planar tracking software and their contribution to the film industry.