Keep Your Studio Current—Save on the Latest Plug-ins

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Like an artist without a paintbrush or a photographer without a camera, you can’t create great music without the right recording tools. A Pro Tools Upgrade Plan is the best way to stay current with the industry’s most powerful DAW—and we’ve been busy consistently providing innovative updates for you!

If you forgot to renew your Pro Tools Upgrade Plan—or just thought you didn’t need it—there’s never been a better time to get back in the game. For a limited time, you can reinstate your Pro Tools or Pro Tools | HD Upgrade Plan and get up to $100 credit for new plug-ins in the Avid Marketplace. For a limited time, you can get a $50 Avid Marketplace credit when you reinstate your Pro Tools Upgrade Plan—or a $100 credit when you reinstate your Pro Tools | HD Software Upgrade Plan. You can get that new compressor plug-in you’ve been wanting, or maybe a new virtual instrument to bring inspiring new sounds to your studio.

Plus, you’ll be able to receive the latest Pro Tools updates and upgrades as soon as they’re available—including the powerful new tools and workflows in Pro Tools 12.5. Work on Pro Tools sessions with bandmates, engineers, and producers anywhere in the world with new Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools. Experience the smoothest, most responsive sessions ever with advanced processing power. Speed up your mixing workflow with new timesaving features, and so much more.


  • Keep your studio up-to-date with the latest Pro Tools upgrades and updates
  • Easily work with talent from around the world with Avid Cloud Collaboration
  • Make room for more music and free up system resources with Track Freeze


* Once you purchase your Pro Tools Upgrade Reinstatement Plan, you should receive an email within 14 days that contains instructions for using your System ID as your coupon code to get the plug-in(s) of your choice from the Avid Marketplace.

Stay current with Pro Tools and save up to $100 on new plug-ins

Hurry, this offer is only available until the 20th of September—get a new Pro Tools or Pro Tools | HD Upgrade Plan today and get up to $100 credit for the Avid Marketplace.


As an audio engineer and artist, I’ve recorded, mixed, prepped and cued for live broadcast, infomercials, radio, books on tape, and have done audio postproduction and scores. Since starting with Digidesign in 1996 I’ve had various roles in sales and marketing and today I serve as the product and solution marketing director at Avid. I love playing guitar and the art of making magic in the studio and while I currently don’t work in the field, I still make time for making music.