It’s a Kind of Magic — Push the Boundaries of the Possible with the Sonible EQ+ Series

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Sonible are many years of experience in audio, three engineers, and a single guiding idea: to develop tools that close the gap between the theoretical possibilities of algorithmic audio processing and the practical needs of sound engineers. But what can be done that hasn’t already been done? What adds real value to any audio production workflow? After years of researching and testing, the three founders of sonible developed the powerful EQ tool frei:raum that goes far beyond conventional plug-ins.

The idea behind frei:raum was to combine the well-established user interface of an EQ with new possibilities of digital audio processing. The powerful tool contains three layers, each of which adds a different special capability. Last year, sonible decided to release the three layers as standalone plug-ins. The EQ+ series was born: smart:EQ+, proximity:EQ+ and entropy:EQ+ are AAX plug-ins that break new ground in the world of audio editing and mixing.

Mix smarter: The EQ with the tailor-made filter curve

The first of the trio is smart:EQ+. This AAX plug-in is an 8 band high quality linear phase EQ that convinces through its intuitive, easy-to-use interface and its musical sound – even when cranked to the max, it stays true to the original signal. But that’s not all! What makes the AAX plug-in so exceptional is its unmatched smart:engineTM.

Pressing the wand symbol of the individual band starts the learning process of the smart:engineTM. On the basis of the incoming sound, the EQ computes a tailor-made filter curve that can be directly applied to the selected frequency region. The exceptionally high resolution of these curves helps to find the perfect spectral balance with just a few clicks, and the mix or individual track immediately gain clarity and transparency.

The plug-in is also a perfect partner for fast-paced broadcasting environments . In only a few seconds of editing time, the interview recorded just a few minutes ago is ready to go on air in prime-time quality.

Come a little closer: Acoustic zoom for more depth

The initial core concept behind proximity:EQ+, the second of the trio, was a straight-forward de-reverberation algorithm. But how to implement this feature in a useful, never-before-seen way? This is how one of the leading developers puts it: “We wanted to offer something that gives you a whole new perspective on this kind of editing tool. Instead of just attenuating reverb, the plug-in can alter the relation of direct sound and reverb in any frequency region. It works like an acoustic zoom that can pull a sound source closer to the listener or push it farther away.”

Besides de-reverberation, the frequency-dependent software is capable of enhancing the natural room sound of any recording. proximity:EQ+ makes highly precise editing possible without destroying the original character of the sound. This uncommon approach is opening up new doors in audio production: It allows smoothing out room modes while preserving the original spectral balance and is the perfect tool to add depth to any mix.

Go deep: Enhance musical expression

entropy:EQ+, aligning with today’s mixing trends, is an EQ with a built-in frequency dependent transient and harmonic shaper. By detecting different sound components of an audio track, the AAX plug-in can design both noisy parts (transients) and tonal parts of a recording. entropy:EQ+ makes it possible to shape the impact noise of single drums within a percussion group or to modify the plucking sound of a guitar without touching the “body” of the sound. And again, smart engineering in the digital domain and hands-on experience in audio production combine to produce completely new options in audio processing.

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Working as a content marketing manager at sonible during the day while producing electronic music by night, Niki lives and enjoys his passion for music.