Learn How to Sync Dialog Lines to Picture and Double Music Tracks with Revoice Pro

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How To Sync Dialog Wild-Lines To Picture Using Revoice Pro

Synchro Arts’ Revoice Pro is used worldwide by Pro Tools professionals for the fastest ADR syncing, as well as pitch and time adjustment and alignment of vocals and instruments, and double track generation.

In this featurette, Production Sound Mixer Jonah Guelzo gives you an inside look at one of his go-to tools to maximize the use of your on-set dialog recordings. At times, you can run into all sorts of problematic sound situations. By recording wild-lines, you allow yourself the versatility needed for later on in the mix.

Revoice Pro enables you to take the wild-lines that don’t sync to production dialog and automatically modify their sync and (optionally) intonation to create realistic sync dialog. Sometimes this even will let you reconstruct entire scenes.

Using Revoice Pro’s Quick Audio Doubler With Music Tracks in Pro Tools

Revoice Pro’s Doubler process by Synchro Arts, creates natural-sounding double tracks in seconds from vocal or monophonic instrument tracks.

See how Pro Tools users can create realistic mono or stereo double tracks instantly from a mono input track with Revoice Pro’s “Quick Doubler” process.

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