Let Your Voice Be Heard before the ACA Community Poll Closes on October 31, 2015

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Why are Avid’s products important? They are, to the delight of some and the chagrin of others, the de facto audio industry standard for a digital audio workstation. How did this happen? To be succinct, and for better or for worse, they continued what was started by TASCAM (DTRS), Alesis (ADAT), and Yamaha (O2R). The goodness of either of those modular digital multitrack machines, along with the operational advantages of a digital audio console, could be had on an Apple Macintosh (and later Microsoft Windows) for a fraction of what it would have cost to outfit a post-production studio with a Solid State Logic ScreenSound or Scenaria.

My employer could not give away a ScreenSound when the time came to remove it. That’s how fast DAW technology changed between the late 1980s and the early 2000s. Moore’s Law says that the rate of change is close to constant (18-24 months), though the amount of change at the end of each cycle is, when measurable, double what you started with.

Do you want your investment in Avid to be worth something in 18 months? Twenty-four months? Years from now? I know that both my employer and I want our investment in Avid to have value. We do not want to unload it the same way our ScreenSounds went away.

“We need tools that allow us to do what we want creatively, while helping the goals of those who enlisted our expertise in helping fulfill their creative vision.”

—Jonathan Abrams

This is why the future of Avid’s products is important. We need tools that do what we ask them to, when we ask them to do it. We need tools that allow us to do what we want creatively, while helping us realize the goals of those who enlist our expertise in helping fulfill their creative vision. If Avid’s tools cannot help you achieve this goal, you will be looking elsewhere.

What do we want from Avid? What do we want from Pro Tools? You can answer those questions by participating in the Avid Customer Association (ACA) and, more specifically, the ACA Community Poll. As a member of the ACA’s Products and Solutions Advisory Council, I can verify that some of the items up for review in the poll came from discussions within the Products and Solutions Advisory Council, about what Pro Tools users need implemented to help them realize their vision. Some of the items we discussed are already implemented in Pro Tools v12, such as Mod Delay II to Mod Delay III compatibility.

The best way to focus on creativity is to not focus on the technical aspect of Pro Tools. If you spend less time relinking media, you can spend more time working on the creative task at hand. Perhaps you do not have to be concerned with relinking media, though you do think that Avid’s AAX pitch shifting plug-in should be on par with its Pro Tools v10 predecessor.

“This is our chance to help Avid, and by extension, ourselves.”

—Jonathan Abrams

For over 14 years, Avid has had what is now known as the Avid Pro Audio Community for Pro Tools. For several years, though, not as many as the Avid Pro Audio Community for Pro Tools has existed, Avid has had a site for discussing features and bugs (protools.ideascale.com). While some of us do not like this kind of fragmentation, it is important to gather what we want from Avid in a single place, where those of us who use the product can tell those at Avid what we need and why we need it. I suspect some of you are thinking, “That’s what IdeaScale is for!” While I agree with you, the fact that we, the users, have Avid’s attention in a single place, even if it is a new one, is not something we should scoff at. This is our chance to help Avid, and by extension, ourselves. We want Avid’s products to remain important and relevant. We want our investment in Avid’s products to be worth something years from now. The best way to achieve this end is for us to tell Avid what we need and why we need it. Let’s help Avid help us by helping them.

In the short term, your window to do so is closing. I encourage you to share what’s important to you on the ACA Community Poll before it closes on Saturday, October 31.

If you think relinking media is not a problem, vote it down. If you think Avid’s AAX pitch plug-in needs work, vote it up. If your idea is not listed, post it, and watch the votes of your peers determine how important it is to those participating in the ACA Community Poll.


Here’s how to participate:

1. Join the ACA (if you have not done so already).

2. Log into the ACA Portal.

3. Click the “Poll” tab at the top of the page.

4. Choose your product of interest under category (note: you can participate for all products, if you’d like).

5. Promote or demote each product enhancement idea (note: take your time! You can only promote or demote each idea once, and it cannot be undone).

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As the Chief Technical Engineer at Nutmeg, I maintain eleven HDX and three native Pro Tools systems. I have been a member of AES since 1999 (currently NY section Chairman) and a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) since 2009. I am an Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) for OS releases 10.5 through 10.9. I am one of the founding moderators of the Avid Pro Audio Community (APAC) and frequent the Mac, v11, v10, and Post & Surround forums.