Live Sound

Live Sound Videos

  • VENUE 7 Webinars

    Live sound veterans Robb Allan and Robert Scovill explore the new features and workflows in VENUE 7, including I/O sharing between three networked systems, Milan AVB support, comprehensive Input Delay Alignment, bus-to-bus routing, and numerous other mixing, processing, and signal flow enhancements.

  • Avid VENUE | S6L Tech Tips

    Avid VENUE | S6L Tech Tip videos show you how to quickly access and use key features to get the most out of your live sound system.

  • Live Recording and Virtual Soundcheck with Avid VENUE | S6L and Pro Tools

    This two-part video series shows you how to quickly setup and use Avid VENUE | S6L’s powerful live recording and Virtual Soundcheck capabilities in conjunction with Pro Tools.

  • Mixing Muse—Marc Carolan talks with Robb Allan

    Join live sound veteran and Avid senior market specialist Robb Allan for this 9-part video series as he talks with Muse front of house engineer Marc Carolan about mixing the band, his move from using analog to digital consoles, his key Avid VENUE | S6L workflows, outboard racks, and much…

  • Avid Live Sound Webinars

    Join live sound veterans Robb Allan and Robert Scovill as they cover a range of live sound topics and interview leading engineers and sound designers from around the world. Check back often to see what webinars are coming up and watch past webinars on-demand.

  • Avid VENUE | S6L Waves SoundGrid Integration Video Series

    Join award-winning live sound veteran and Avid senior market specialist Robert Scovill in this 6-part series as he takes you through using the Avid VENUE | S6L live system with Waves SoundGrid servers, including basic operation, using snapshots, importing legacy VENUE show files, and much more.