Live Sound

  • On Tour with Massive Attack

    How Did I Get Here and Other Distractions

    This summer I’m taking S3L on tour to mix FOH for my favorite band in the whole world, Massive Attack. I plan on writing about the equipment I use, production rehearsals, building my show file, plug-ins, virtual soundchecks, collaboration and my general philosophy of sound.

  • Music: Behind the Scenes with Charles de Schutter and -M-, Voted Concert of the Year 2014 in France

    At the recent -M- tour stop, Charles took time to give us an in-depth tour of the -M- live show, from how he handles the complex instrumentation and stage setup through his mixing approach and processing choices.

  • VENUE 4.5 and EuControl 3.2 Software Overview

    The new VENUE | S3L-X System includes two key software components—VENUE 4.5 and EuControl 3.2—that deliver a host of powerful new system capabilities. See what’s new.

  • Music: I Got the Call to Monitor Engineer for Enrique Iglesias, Here’s What Happened Next

    I knew this would require lots of preparation as well as attention to detail and immediately prepared to request my console of choice. Lucky for me, it’s what they were previously using and made for a much easier transition into the gig.

  • Music: Take the Power of McDSP Plug-ins from Studio to Stage with the Release of Avid S3L Support

    Music: McDSP Plug-ins Now Go from Studio to Stage with Qualified Support for Avid S3L Systems

    McDSP has qualified all its AAX DSP plug-ins to operate on the S3L systems, and even added a few improvements to better support the S3 control surface.

    by Colin McDowell
  • VENUE Software is a Learn Once, Use Everywhere Approach

    Hold on to expertise and refine what you already know. Master the software designed to grow with you today and act as a bridge to future live sound products.