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  • 2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival: Wrap Up (Week 5)

    As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end” and that is what this week’s blog is about.

  • 2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

    2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival: Virtual Soundcheck (Week 4)

    So far I’ve discussed my initial set up, snapshots, plugins and recording. This week I’ll cover how to use recorded files to do a Virtual Soundcheck and why it’s such a valuable tool.

  • Rockstar Mayhem Festival Recording with Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt with MacBook Pro

    2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival: Recording (Week 3)

    So far I have explained how I use many of the powerful features of the VENUE series consoles. Now I will discuss how I use the Mix Rack system to simply and easily record straight to Pro Tools.

  • 2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival: Plug-ins and Snapshots (Week 2)

    Last week I discussed the initial set up of an Avid Mix Rack system complete with an HDx options card for recording to Pro Tools HD 10. This week, I will be discussing plug-ins and snapshots.

  • 2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival: Setting Up FOH for Machine Head (Week 1)

    I am currently mixing the metal band Machine Head, and will be bringing you a five part blog series from the 2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival tour across the United States and Canada.