3 Easy Steps to Deliver a Loudness Compliant File with NUGEN LM-Correct in Media Composer

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Loudness compliance can be a serious challenge in a busy editing environment, especially when the audio mix is complete, but not quite on target. In this article, I will show you how an audio mixdown can be automatically corrected to any international loudness standard, faster than real-time within Media Composer 8 using the NUGEN Audio LM-Correct AudioSuite plug-in.

Step 1

Drag and drop the asset to be corrected from the bin, onto the AudioSuite window and choose LM-Correct from the AudioSuite plug-in list in the drop down menu. The ‘Master Clip’ button will light automatically and ‘multi-channel’ mode should be selected.

NB. If the ‘multi-channel’ option is not available see the Multichannel Audio info below.

Step 2

Open the plug-in interface and choose the desired target settings. You can either double-click the target values to type values in directly, or choose from the international standards contained within the preset menu.

When you have dialled in your delivery specification or picked the appropriate preset, click the ‘Optional’ button to begin an analysis of the existing audio.

This will populate the Source loudness values by analysing the entire audio mixdown and determining the overall loudness according to the chosen spec.

Step 3

When the analysis has finished, click the ‘Render’ button to create a new audio asset in the bin which is now corrected to the loudness target criteria.

Multichannel audio

For loudness calculations it is important that analysis and correction is applied to all audio channels simultaneously. In order to do this is may be necessary to modify the settings.



1. Right click in the bin and choose ‘Modify Clip’


2. Choose ‘Set Multichannel Audio’ from the drop-down


3. Select Multichannel configuration


4. Audio is now ready for processing


One-click Fix

For those who don’t wish to run a separate analysis pass, your workflow can be further optimized by switching LM-Correct into single-click analysis and correction mode. This is achieved by switching on the setting in the options panel, and then closing and re-opening Media Composer to re-instantiate the plug-in in the new mode. This will grey out the ‘Optional’ button and enable the plug-in to perform both an analysis and a correction process from a single click of the ‘Render’ button.

About LM-Correct automatic quick-fix compliance

LM-Correct delivers a unique, immediate and hassle-free route to loudness-compliant audio in your day-to-day loudness workflow, saving you time and preventing costly mistakes. With True-peak, Integrated Program, Short-term and Momentary targeting you can be sure your audio is compliant every time, giving you total control and complete peace of mind.

You can find out more about LM-Correct and the complete Loudness Toolkit from NUGEN Audio below:

NUGEN Audio LM-Correct

NUGEN Audio Loudness Toolkit 2

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Jon Schorah is a founder and Director of NUGEN Audio, developer of pro-audio plug-ins for Post Production and high end audio applications.