Create, Manage and Play Out 3D Graphics and High-Res Media in Real Time with Maestro 7

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From newscasts to sports programming, the graphic needs of today’s broadcasters are complex. Maestro offers a complete on-air graphics suite that enables you to create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, high-resolution 3D graphics easily. Thanks to its modular architecture, you can customize Maestro for a variety of environments and integrate it seamlessly with solutions across the Avid MediaCentral Platform, as well as third-party news and editing applications. And now with Maestro 7, you can boost your efficiency and production possibilities further. Engage viewers through social media integration. Control video playback. And create complex content more easily than ever before.

The new version of Maestro (7) gives broadcasters a complete on-air graphics solution that enables them to quickly and easily manage, and play out stunning, high-resolution graphics and animations. New features include the Maestro Media Engine, which supports video ingest and playout, native user rights management, rich graphics templates, and efficient repurposing of graphic content — all from an intuitive user interface.

Maestro Video and the Maestro Media Engine are the perfect solution to clip and still store, and are completely integrated into the Maestro workflow, allowing all graphics and media playout to be controlled from a single interface.

New Features in Maestro 7


Integrate with Social Media Hub and WorldMapper

Increase viewer engagement and interaction, and embed static or animated maps, with new workflows that connect to these Avid applications.


Find assets more easily with the rich user rights database

Maestro now offers access rights management, metadata per asset type, and search capabilities natively, enabling you to find relevant content faster and easier.


Work with content created in 4Designer

4Designer is the new core graphics authoring application for Maestro, which also extends support for the new RenderEngine7. You gain the graphics benefits these new 3D applications provide, including enhanced template options and more.


Publish content to new media with support for RenderServer

When using Maestro and a newsroom plug-in, you can now send tasks directly to the RenderServer, enabling you to publish content as a clip to any external system.

Apply transitions with ease

Forget having to go back to the assignment stage—you can now apply different transitions to the same graphic element without backtracking.


Design and create content more intuitively

Maestro 7 features a newly redesigned graphic user interface, providing artists and content creators with a much more intuitive experience.


Expand your media resources

Now that Maestro can connect to multiple MAM systems, you can search for and retrieve media from multiple sources.


Access and trigger graphics fast

With support for SmartShot II, you can quickly access and play out pre-assigned graphics, as well as access additional functions, with the press of a button, greatly increasing efficiency.


Take control of video channels

Maestro Video and Maestro Media Engine now let you control both graphics and video engine channels from a single playout interface, providing a more streamlined workflow.

Maestro 7 Now Available

Maestro is a fully modular graphics solution that enables you to adapt it to your specific broadcast needs and workflow.


As Senior Solution Marketing Manager for Broadcast at Avid, I am proud to bring captivating sports and graphic solutions to the broadcast market.