Maestro—Taking Enterprise Graphics to Another Level

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In this blog series, we delve into the Avid Studio Suite to showcase how Orad solutions are now fully integrated into the Avid family and at the core of the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

Here, product manager Raul Alba talks us through how broadcast studios can be enhanced with the graphics solution, Maestro.

Maestro at NDR (Germany)

In today’s competitive media landscape, broadcasters are vying for increased ratings, whilst being mindful of reducing operational costs. Part of achieving this balance can come through maximising and improving the on-air look and feel of news, sports and studio entertainment shows with the implementation of an innovative graphics solution.

Avid’s enterprise graphics solution is Maestro. Beyond the creation of traditional on-screen graphics, Maestro enables the same information to be displayed on video walls, in virtual studios, or via augmented reality or interactive graphics – all helping to aid and enhance a show’s attractiveness. All of this is achievable without increasing the day-to-day cost of a production or changing the natural production workflow.

Maestro at RTL (Netherlands)

Maestro at M6 (France)

Broadcasters around the world, including NDR (Germany), M6 (France), RTL (Netherlands), TVE (Spain), RAI (Italy), MediaCorp (Singapore), TVGlobo (Brazil) and Polsat (Poland), are utilizing Maestro daily to enhance the look and feel of studio productions. Thanks to Maestro’s modular and scalable design, it’s an adaptable application to meet any broadcaster’s specific needs.

Offering broadcasters unmatched I/O capabilities, Maestro delivers up to 16 live video feed inputs and 16 video outputs. Furthermore, now that Maestro is part of the Avid MediaCentral Platform, it’s integration with Avid production tools, including iNEWS and iNEWS Command, Interplay, Media Composer and MediaCentral | UX, allows for the usage of graphics in all stages of the production workflow.

Now, content for all types of graphics – on-air graphics, virtual studio, augmented reality and video walls – are created, produced, and broadcast with the same tools. And to accommodate all broadcasters’ enterprise and interactive graphics needs, from small to large scale, we’ve introduced the Maestro Basic, Premium and Elite bundles.

Maestro—the Ultimate On-air Graphics Solution for Broadcast and Post

For more information on these bundles and Maestro can be found here.

As Senior Principal Product Manager for Broadcast Graphics at Avid, I am engaged with bringing the best graphic products to the market and helping broadcasters succeed in creating stunning content and efficient workflows.