Major Update to the Sphere L22 Microphone Modeling System

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The Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Microphone Modeling System has further strengthened its position as the top choice in the microphone modeling market. With version 1.4 of the Sphere plug-in, Townsend Labs has added no less than ten new microphone models—bringing the total count of included models up to over 30, at no additional cost. The Sphere L22 is the only modeling microphone that supports both AAX Native and AAX DSP, making it the genuinely professional choice. 

Not only is the Sphere L22 demonstrably the most accurate microphone modeling system on the market. It is also the one that offers the most extensive collection of included microphone models. From rare vintage tube microphone to classic vibey ribbons, the Sphere collection provides a microphone locker many can only dream about. Already included were revered classics such as LD-47K, LD-67, LD-12, LD-251, RB-77DX and four different versions of LD-414. Adding to that, the Sphere 1.4 release includes three versions of the iconic 421 dynamic, two DN-12 models based on vintage Austrian dynamic microphones in mint condition, and two distinct variations of the 409—the go-to microphone for rock guitars in the 80s.

Expanding the engineer’s sonic palette for vocals, acoustic guitars, and pianos, Townsend Labs have also added the LD-563, modeled after a legendary East German bottle mic. And furthermore introducing the LD-017T, a commissioned model of a current production SoyuzⓇ 017 TUBE large diaphragm microphone.

As five times Grammy award-winning audio engineer, musician and producer Cassidy Turbin (Beck, Childish Gambino, Dwight Yoakam) puts it:

“The 421 models sound just as I’d expect. And even better with Sphere I was able to dial in a tighter polar-pattern from an actual 421 and greatly reduce drum bleed on an upright piano track. The Soyuz 017 TUBE modeling on the L22 makes for a really versatile microphone. It’s kind of like if a 47 and 67 had a child. Pretty damn unique.”

The set is completed by the SD-416, based on the industry-standard shotgun microphone for that big voice-over sound in Hollywood-produced movie trailers we’re all so familiar with.

Watch the video for more details on the update!

You can try the Sphere plug-in on your system by going to the downloads page at And you can download pre-recorded audio files so you can hear Sphere in action without owning the microphone.



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Chris Townsend co-founded Townsend Labs, the company that created Sphere microphone modeling technology. Chris previously spent 13 years at Avid, where he developed numerous plug-ins, including the Eleven guitar amplifier modeling and the ReVibe room modeling technologies. That same passion for modeling inspired his work on the Sphere microphone system.