Making The Cut: Steven Worsley — Learning From Experience

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Having worked his way up as an edit assistant, Steven Worsley’s first major job as an editor was on the recent BBC adaptation of War and Peace, followed closely by another big historical drama, Jamestown.

He found his assisting background helped him to understand and accelerate processes, and here he encourages edit assistants to get to know the software as well as possible, in order to be able to focus on the story and use the tools available to try a scene in different ways.

Steven also notes the complexity of multiple characters in a scene and finding the balance and shifts in focus of “people watching other people”.

“Once I’ve done a cut, I’ll look back at the scene and think long and hard on whether I am delivering on that scene, and who I should be emotionally invested in at that time?”

—Steven Worsley, editor War & Peace, Jamestown

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