Remix: Mixing and Mastering the Remix Track

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In this, our last Remix episode of Master the Art of Music Creation, I will finish the track with some final mixing and mastering techniques. For that, I’m going to use a wide range of AAX plug-ins and some of the Pro Tools automation features. I will also show and explain how to integrate outboard gear into the virtual mixer of Pro Tools.

I hope you found inspiration to create your own version of the song and to create great mixes in Pro Tools with AAX plug-ins. Remember, the original session download can be found on From Creation to Final Mix. That also includes our top picks from the many remixes submitted to SoundCloud as part of the series. Good luck with your productions and thanks for watching the Master the Art of Music Creation: Remix series!

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I started my career in 1999 as Music Producer before I joined Avid in 2006. During the past year I finished my Bachelor of Science Degree in Audio Production. Beside my current job as a Solutions Specialist I am producing EDM in my studio

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  1. Carl Freeman 2 years ago

    Hi Lars,
    Thanks for a great set of videos, as i am new to protools from logic, this was an excellent series packed with very in-depth info.
    A couple of questions and any help would be much appreciated if you have time.

    1: if possible could you post a PDF script of the techniques covered, as i have saved the videos and it would be great have a bullet point sheet of the details.

    2: Your mixer screen shot it shows several other channels on the vocal setup which were not in covered in the video and wondered if there were some other tricks relating to the parallel compression.

    3: How much Hofa treatment did you use in your studio and did you use the online wizard. I am looking at using some of the products.

    4: Have you used Softube Console1 with PT?

    By the way great remix and the Curve Bender sounds stunning!!

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