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In Episode 1 of Master the Art of Post Mixing, we introduce you to the project and demonstrate how to organize your tracks, arrange them, and recall them to the control surface in the most efficient way possible. This is critical in the path to successful mixing. Let’s take a look.

Pro Tools | S3 control surface

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Marketing manager for Avid Post Audio and Pro Mixing, I am also a veteran engineer/recordist/editor. I've worked on music scores for dozens of feature films, including Ice Age, Collateral, and The Spirit.


  1. Robby Salisbury 3 years ago

    If you’re going to make a video about sound mixing…. make a good sound mix for it. There is this high pitch frequency that is so annoying in this video that i can’t even get through it. Seriously! It’s painful. Just learn how to EQ please. Or have someone younger mix who can actually hear the frequency before subjecting an audience to such poor technique.

    • Chris Richard 3 years ago

      Shrugging… No idea what your hearing Robby, cause I don’t hear it at all. Even if it is there it’s more than likely not their fault. Every piece of equipment is different. With frequencies that high it’s really quite common for something like that to be “hidden” as it were to one studio (yes, even a ten trillion dollar studio), but show up through your equipment. One person picking up on an annoying frequency doesn’t necessarily equal a “bad mix.” You may simply need to turn it down or filter it out yourself. ;

      • stevebee 3 years ago

        You don’t hear it!!!! Hope you’re not mixing for a living, Chris! 🙂 In part defence, its just a basic tutorial so no sleep lost. But Avid, you really ought to do better. Peace 😉

        • Terrace McKinnon 2 years ago

          I hear it too… i’m just a serious hobbyist. I have Adam A7Xs, Apollo interface on a Mac… I agree no sleep lost but….this is Avid

      • Jack Goodman 2 years ago

        yea there is without a question that there is a constant tone in the upper frequency range throughout this video. It is no doubt a mishap in the post mixing process…which is ironic of course, but so what.

        I am a professional sound designer by trade, running Pro Tools HD with JBL 4328s, Genelec 8020as, and trio6be studio monitors–each of which displayed the same problematic frequency. Chris, I’m not saying your wrong, because there is a chance you have some hearing loss in the upper frequency range (WHICH IS VERY COMMON). But please, to jump on somebody else like that is a bit harmful in my opinion.

  2. 3dbmix 3 years ago

    I hear it as well. Listened on headphones and it was very distracting.

  3. Ora Simpson 3 years ago

    Yep, there’s a few spikes at 12K, 13.5K, 15.9K, 17,401 & 19,760. I would equate a knifing-like sound as an unpleasant problem but the mix is balanced otherwise. 😛

  4. damn 2 years ago

    theres a constant 12-15k frequency throughout, that and you can’t rewind the video if you would like to see/hear something again, seems like these guys put a lot of effort into this avid and you’ve done ’em wrong

  5. Jack Goodman 2 years ago

    I am so excited that avid is sharing these awesome videos!


    1 – you can’t view in full screen. makes it very difficult to check out session I/O routing and even track names for that matter.

    2 – you can’t rewind if you missed something

  6. ilter 1 year ago

    Guys, if you want to rewind the video and do some other things, just click the share button on the top right corner of the video (paper airplane -nice song btw) and watch it on vimeo.

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