McDSP Release 3 New Plug-ins in 32 and 64-bit AAX DSP and Native Formats

McDSP Release 3 New Plug-ins in 32 and 64-bit AAX DSP and Native Formats
August 26, 2013 Colin McDowell

From day one, McDSP has supported the Avid/Digidesign platform because of the power, versatility and quality of the software and hardware.  The transition from the TDM/RTAS plug-in format to AAX has been a challenge and an opportunity at the same time.  The painstakingly porting of code and algorithms from one format to another is the challenge.  The exciting part is the opportunity that exists when exploring all of the possibilities that exist in the new AAX specification for our current and future plug-ins.  The new AAX format has allowed us to add some fantastic features and efficiencies in our new products that would not have been possible otherwise.

With all that porting of our previous plug-ins to AAX complete, we’re extremely excited to release 3 brand new plug-ins today!

The first is the 6020 Ultimate EQ.  Eq76_cropImagine having 10 completely different equalizers to choose from in one plug-in?  Now imagine that plug-in was available in 32/64-bit AAX DSP and Native, and you’ve got the 6020 Ultimate EQ!  The 6020 Ultimate EQ is a collection of ten equalizer models using the popular module format leveraging McDSP’s 15+ years of design experience.  All 6020 Ultimate EQ modules are designed by McDSP, drawing on inspiration from classic and modern equalizers over the last four decades. Each module is easy to operate, and yet has enough sophistication for the most discerning professional.

Whatever your style, from smooth tube emulations to aggressive solid-state designs, the 6020 Ultimate EQ has a custom-made equalizer module that is just right for you.

It’s extremely easy to use…start with a preset, or any one of the EQ modules on the left, dial in your EQ settings, and quickly flick through the EQ modules as it retains your EQ gain and frequency settings so you can find the module that’s right for your track.
6020_EQ_parade copy


Next is the AE400 Active EQ.  AE400_crop_2This plug-in is so powerful it will find a place in your arsenal for live sound, music production, or post production.  The AE400 is made up of 4 bands of fixed and active equalization. Each band is completely overlapping with all other bands and has its own Q (bandwidth), fixed gain, and active gain controls. A key filter for each band allows the active gain response to be as selective or broad as needed, based on the Q (bandwidth) control. Each band can use the input signal or selected side chain signal to trigger the active EQ response.

The active EQ bands can be controlled via the response plot itself, or from the text readouts above and below the response plot. The AE400’s active EQ response is determined by each band’s threshold, attack and release settings. Additionally, a ratio control determines input signal level sensitivity to further articulate how the active EQ will reach maximum active equalization – a feature unique to the AE400.

If you want dynamic control of frequencies, this plug-in will become a staple in your palette of audio tools.


Finally, we have the SPC2000 Serial/Parallel Compressor.  SPC303-1Whether it’s vocals (unless your Bruce Swedien), or drums, many tracks benefit from one or multiple types of compression and with the power in the various configuration modes available, a simple parallel compression set up is just the beginning.  The SPC2000 Serial/Parallel Compressor takes the power and flexibility of the now classic CompressorBank plug-in by McDSP, and offers two, three, and four band configurations with serial and parallel routing combinations unlike any dynamic processor. Couple this routing capability with the ability to emulate any other compressor, and it’s clear the SPC2000 is a serious audio tool.

Each compression in the SPC2000 uses the award winning McDSP CompressorBank algorithms and controls giving the user complete control of dynamic compression. Common controls such as Output (make-up gain), Threshold, Compression (Ratio), Attack, and Release are provided as well as non-standard Knee and Bite controls which allow the articulation of compression characteristics in unique and exciting ways. Multiple peak detection circuit types provide flexibility previously achieved only by owning different compression units.

SPC2000 is 3 plug-ins:

  • SPC202 – two-band configuration
  • SPC303 – three-band configuration
  • SPC404 – four-band configuration










All 3 plug-ins are now included in our NEW Everything Pack bundle.

All 3 plug-ins support 32/64-bit AAX DSP (HD) and Native.  For more information, visit

Colin McDowell founded McDSP in 1998 and is currently based in Sunnyvale, CA. McDSP is one of the 'oldest' plug-in manufacturers in the pro audio industry, designed to meet the demand for better quality audio processing on the Pro Tools platform.