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Howdy Avid users everywhere. My name is Colin McDowell, and my company, McDSP, has been making plug-ins for Pro Tools since 1998. I have spent way too much time obsessing over audio algorithms. I am writing this blog to let you know McDSP has brought its entire line of plug-ins to the Avid Marketplace!! And to make our Marketplace arrival even better, we’re offering intro pricing on our latest plug-ins – the EC-300 Echo Collection, the AE600 Active Equalizer, the ML8000 Mastering Limiter, and the 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip. It’s time to cut the Dark Lord of the Sound-Sith into chunks and mix a masterpiece!!!

What Makes McDSP Plug-ins So Dang Cool

You might be wondering what makes McDSP plug-ins so dang compelling to engineers, musicians, producers, and wookies all over the world. Well, McDSP has one of the largest collections of AAX plug-ins on the planet.  Our products support both the AAX Native and AAX DSP formats (along with AU, VST, and VST3). All McDSP plug-ins use a 64-bit internal data path for maximum audio fidelity, have real-time control smoothing just like analog gear, can operate at signal levels above 0 dB for maximum dynamic range, and support dsp chip sharing for the HDX cards. We also support fancy control surfaces like the Pro Tools | S6 and VENUE | S6L.  What’s not to like?!?!

What’s the Scoop on the Intro-Priced Plug-ins on the Marketplace


EC-300 Echo Collection

The EC-300 has three different delay algorithms – Magnetic, Digital, and Analog – inside a single plug-in. The Magnetic delay models tape-based echo boxes for the classic ‘high-end loss tone’ of the tape loop, plus wow, fluter, and tape saturation. The Digital delay is the cleanest option, but adds its own character with over 70 synthetic impulse models (SIMs) from our popular FutzBox plug-in. Last but not least, the Analog delay brings the sound of bucket brigade delays (BBDs) to your mix. All delay types have additional character settings, stereo panning and spatialization control, session sync and tap tempo support, and can operate in single, dual, and ping-pong modes. Uncle Owen would approve.

AE600 Active EQ

The AE600 is the Death Star of active equalizers, comprising of no less than six fixed EQ bands AND six active EQ bands. Each EQ (fixed or active) offers 13 different types of EQ and filter shapes, many unique to McDSP. Only McDSP active EQ lets the user select attack, release, and a ratio (transition curve) for each individual active band. Active EQs can trigger from the main input, or a side chain input, and have a handy key signal meter and threshold marker for quick visual reference. Perhaps the best part of the AE600 is all the bands are completely overlapping. The dots on the plots (white for fixed EQ, orange for active EQ) can setup the perfect curve quickly. And then BAM!!  You’re in range of the Rebel Base!!

ML8000 Mastering Limiter

The ML8000 is comprised of EIGHT bands of multi-band limiting, fed into the same patented mastering limiter found in the TEC Award nominated ML4000 Master Limiter.   The multi-band limiting uses active processing for minimized phase distortion and an improved response when compared to traditional cross-over based multi-band processing. The ML8000, like the ML4000, has low enough latency to be used at the FOH position for a live performance. Yep, Jedi like reflexes.

6050 Ultimate Channel Strip

Nominated for a TEC Award, a SOS Award, and a Resolution Magazine Awards winner, the 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip has made a name for itself since debuting in 2016.   The 6050 has over 25 modules in a 3-bay ‘chassis’, with easy drag and drop, on the fly module auditioning. Like all McDSP plug-ins, the 6050 offers double-precision processing, ultra low latency, and AAX Native and AAX DSP support. The 6050 comes with EQs, compressors, saturators, specialized filters, gates and expanders.   Mix and match any modules in any order for the ultimate sonic sequence!!! It’s like building your own audio lightsaber!!

Wrapping up

And there’s still more!!  Our web site ( has tutorials and articles about our entire product line, plus user stories, tips and tricks, and plenty more. McDSP plug-ins come with a handy user manual, plenty of presets from our staff and highly profiled users, and our nearly two-decades of audio algorithm experience. Next time you’re on the Avid Marketplace, check out the latest from McDSP. Remember, these are the plug-ins you’re looking for…

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Colin McDowell founded McDSP in 1998 and is currently based in Mountain View, CA. McDSP is one of the 'oldest' plug-in manufacturers in the pro audio industry, designed to meet the demand for better quality audio processing on the Pro Tools platform.