Media Composer 2020.4 — Bringing More Speed and Ease to Your Workflow

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It’s been a challenging time for everyone around the world right now and we hope you, your family, and friends are well. While times are uncertain, our commitment to you and the rest of the Avid community is stronger than ever. We know that many of you are now working remotely from home, which comes with its own set of distractions—the dog, the family, the fridge. We want to make sure that Media Composer isn’t one of them. 

To help you stay laser-focused on your storytellingand not on the tools used to shape it—we’ve added many new features and made several improvements to Media Composer, so you can more easily meet your creative objectives and commitments. Wherever you happen to be.  

Here’s a look at what’s new in Media Composer 2020.4 

Boost your efficiency

We’ve packed many new timesaving features into all flavors of Media Composer (except where noted) to help simplify, speed, and extend your workflow.


  • Create and select projects more easily and see what’s new in Media Composer with the new Project window*
  • Get a birds-eye view of an entire 128-track sequence with the Timeline  Sequence Map, enabling faster navigation without scrolling or changing the view size
  • Quickly identify specific bins visually by applying any bin’s background color to its bin tab
  • Create and work with titles faster and more easily with many new Titler+ improvements

* Feature not supported in Media Composer | First.

Timeline Sequence Map


  • Accelerate your workflow with the new Universal Media Engine, which removes reliance on QuickTime to deliver better media importing, playback, editing, and export performance
  • Modify multiple rows of a bin column at once with new bulk editing capabilities, enabling you to add text to clip names, append counter numbers to clip text, or even auto-generate a Comments column based on existing text, saving hours of manual work
  • Make quick bulk changes to clip information or statuses with multi-select capabilities
  • Select all muted clips in a sequence for easy identification and modification, and even unmute them all at once
  • Quickly strip silence from clips in a couple clicks to clean-up and separate sound elements

Bulk Edit


  • Easily create content for mobile video platforms and social media with new 9×16 and 1:1 Mask Margins and FrameFlex framing presets*
  • Fine-tune color with more precision with the ability to make more granular gain value adjustments when working in ACES spaces, plus output media to 15 new color spaces*
  • Edit and mix audio easily when using an Avid S1 control surface and/or the free Avid Control mobile app with support for audio metering and more video editing tasks
  • Take advantage of the latest Mac Pro computer power with support for macOS Catalina

* Feature not supported in Media Composer | First.

9×16 FrameFlex framing presets

Bend the interface to your will

With its panel-driven interface, Media Composer lets you set up your workspace the way you like to work. No other video editing solution provides this level of customization. With the latest version, you can…

  • Keep your interface windows and layout locked in the same relative positions and sizes with blank panels that fill in the empty space whenever you close a tool or panel, keeping surrounding elements from shifting in and disrupting your editing muscle memory
  • Tune the brightness of the timeline and metadata viewer windows to your environment and liking with new sliders
  • Map the tools in the bottom toolbar in the timeline, giving you even more flexibility
  • Adjust fonts, font sizes, and the splitter the way you want in the Effect Palette


Work on Apple ProRes projects end to end on Windows

Like Mac users, Windows users can now create, edit, collaborate, and export ProRes media natively with full decoding (read/playback) and encoding (write/export) support for Apple’s video compression format. Get all the same macOS Media Composer ProRes functionality on a PC, including .MOV export, MXF OP1a, and MXF OP-Atom workflows.


Gain greater control over user permissions (Media Composer | Enterprise only)

Gain more control over your production with the ability to set User and Site settings individually or together in Media Composer | Enterprise snapshots. This enables you to deploy or update a Site setting across your organization and deploy User settings independently to individuals or groups quickly—without impacting any existing Site settings.


Get more details, the update, and help

Whether you work independently or as part of a team—remotely at home or in the studio—do know that we are here for you. And we appreciate you. The stories you tell and content you create are bringing much needed entertainment and information to many around the world.


If you need help with transitioning to a remote workflow, please visit our Remote Work site for info and advice.

For a complete list of what’s new in Media Composer 2020.4, see the “What’s New” document in the Avid Knowledge Base.

And visit the Avid Store to get the latest version of Media Composer and take advantage of the power it brings to your editing domain.


Stay safe everyone!

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Kate Ketcham is the Director of Product Management for Media Composer and has been with Avid for the past 16 years.