Media Composer 8.6 Now Available—Accelerate File Ingest with Source Browser and Panasonic AVC LongG Support

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Did you ever watch this Twitter video we posted during this year’s NAB Show? Well, today we are launching a brand new update to Media Composer with all the new features Danny announced… and much more! Here’s a complete overview of what’s new in Media Composer 8.6. Don’t forget to share your favorite features with your fellow editors on the Twitterverse!

Ingest File-Based Media through the Source Browser

The Source Browser allows you to import or link your file-based media from a single window. You can also preview your file-based media in the Source Browser window before you commit the clip(s) into a project.

Within the Source Browser window you can easily navigate to files and then choose to link or import with the appropriate settings. Get all the details on the new Source Browser in the What’s New document.

Native Support for Panasonic AVC-LongG

Media Composer 8.6 now provides native support for the Panasonic AVC-LongG format. Installing the latest Panasonic Plugin, you can now link and consolidate, as well as create native AVC-LongG media. Supported formats include Panasonic AVC Long-GOP G12, G25 and G50 for project formats 720p/50, 720p/59.94, 1080i/50 and 1080i/59.94.

Audio Ducking

Audio Ducking is a feature that allows you to quickly and easily create an audio mix. Using the Audio Ducking tool you can automatically reduce the audio level of one or more audio tracks against other audio track(s).

This is useful when you want to “duck” the volume of music or natural sound under dialog, and then ramp it back up.

New Select Menu Items Easily Select and Identify Segments

Media Composer 8.6 has now more ways to automatically make selections in the Timeline. Quickly select all segments based on clip color, or find all offline clips within Timeline. In Media Composer 8.6 you can select clips with same source color, same local color, no color, offline clips, to the left or right of the Blue Bar or reverse the selection.

Create a Sequence Based on Timeline Selection

Select this option to create a new sequence based on selections made in the current Timeline. For example, you could choose to select all the Clips with same Source Clip Color in the current sequence and then create a sequence with just those selected clips preserved in their original position.

Audio Track Names in the Audio Mixer Tool

When you rename an audio track in the Track Selector Panel, the corresponding name along with the Track ID appears in the Audio Mixer Tool.

Nested AudioSuite Effects

Now you can stack AudioSuite effects, allowing you to step in and out to manipulate each individual effect as well as render the effect stack as one segment on the track.

Default Pan

A sequence created entirely in Media Composer v8.6 or later will have pan information on every clip, so that when moving this sequence to another user’s workstation, it will play with the same pan as the originator, ignoring how the second user has configured the default pan (“Default Pan for mono tracks” remains a user setting).

SMPTE Channel Order

The order that individual channels of 5.1 and 7.1 surround audio tracks that are shown in the Audio Mixer window and in the waveform display in the Timeline, can be selected between SMPTE and Pro Tools. Prior versions were always in Pro Tools order. With this release, SMPTE order is the default, but it can be changed back to Pro Tools in a new Display Channel Order option in Audio Settings.

Audio Grouping

You can now group audio tracks. This might be useful when working with a large number of audio tracks and want to group them according to their purpose.

Simply access the Group option in the Audio Mixer tool and setup your audio groups.

Export with Mask Margins

You can export your sequence with mask margins burned in. When you choose Export to File, go to the Options dialog window and choose Enable Mask Margins. You can also choose to AMA File Export the sequence with Mask Margins enabled.

More New Features in Media Composer 8.6

Mac OS Qualification

Mac OS v10.11.5 has been qualified with this release of Media Composer.

RED Plug-In Performance Improvement

The latest RED plug-in (v1.16.5) takes full advantage of GPU acceleration. Some instances of editing with RED footage are now 4 times faster. Make sure you download the latest RED plug-in.

Timeline Clip Comments in Timecode Generator

We’ve updated the Timecode Generator to allow Clip Comments to appear on screen during playback.

Updates to Artist | DNxIO

With the release of Blackmagic Design Desktop Video 10.7, the Artist | DNxIO now supports capture of Closed Captions, capture to DNxHR HQX and 444, and Passthrough for Audio Punch-In.

Get It Now

Media Composer 8.6 is now available for all customers who have a Subscription, Floating or Perpetual License with an active Upgrade and Support plan. As soon as you connect to the internet, your Avid Application Manager will notify you about the availability of this new version. If you don’t have an internet connection on your system, just download the latest version from your Avid Account or the Video Download Center.

You are entitled to this new update if you have a Subscription, Floating or Perpetual License that is under an active Upgrade & Support plan. Get more details on these features, changes and improvements in the ReadMe and What’s New documents on our Media Composer Documentation page.

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