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From compelling dramas like last year’s critically acclaimed Lion to the latest superhero epics, like Wonder Woman, over 95% of mainstream films are edited on Media Composer. And editors of some of the most addictive TV shows, like Westworld, Transparent, and Better Call Saul trust Media Composer to bring binge-worthy series to life each week—on incredibly demanding timelines.

We’re in awe of the global community of filmmakers that tell our culture’s most important stories. And we couldn’t be prouder that Media Composer is their choice for creative editorial.

“This would be perfect for anybody who is trying to learn this software.”

—Catherine Haight, ACE, editor Transparent, New Girl

For most film-industry pros, the journey begins as an assistant. Shuttling coffee around editing suites. Making sure the ultra-foam double-shot soy latte order is just right (do they even make those?). Running hard drives across facilities. And hoping for a few moments to learn from a mentor. Or to get a chance to cut a scene on “the Avid”. For many, these can be the first experiences that aspiring pros have getting their hands on top editing tools.

We want the next generation of editors and content creators to have an easier way to become experts in the industry’s standard editing software. And to be able to make inspiring pro-quality videos on their own. That’s why we made Media Composer | First. Video editing software that gives you many of the same tools used to create your favorite movies and TV shows—completely free.

“I can probably cut Better Call Saul on this… and it’s free, wow!”

—Kelley Dixon, ACE, editor Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad

Media Composer | First includes everything you need to get an edge before you even get to set. Edit stories across four video tracks and eight audio tracks. Cut between multiple cameras, and add sound effects. Bring your imagination to life with built-in visual effects and color palettes. And once you’ve finished creating, quickly share your story to the world with one-click publishing to social media platforms like YouTube.

To help you get started editing right away, we created a series of video tutorials just for Media Composer | First. Plus, as part of the Avid family, you’ll have access to a community of the world’s top movie and television editors. Get expert editing tips, storytelling techniques, and career guidance from today’s top professionals.


• Create stories with the same tools moviemakers rely on everyday

• Establish your own style with powerful visual effects, color, and audio tools

• Instantly share your work with the world with quick publishing to YouTube

• Learn from the pros with our new tutorials and VIP guest videos

“I’m actually incredibly jealous that I didn’t have this when I was coming out of college!”

—Colby Parker Jr, ACE, editor Deepwater Horizon, Patriots Day

With Media Composer | First, you don’t need to land that assistant gig to launch your career. You don’t need to crowdfund your video editing workstation. You can take your stories, vlogs, and every creative idea to the next level—for free. Download Media Composer | First today.

Meet Media Composer | First

Learning Media Composer | First can open the door to a career in media and entertainment. Make a name for yourself starting now… Use the tools the pros use—for FREE.

As Senior Director of Artist Relations, I not only strive to bring attention to the creative individuals who entrust Avid to help them make the most acclaimed stories and songs in media and entertainment, but to also connect them with the next generation of aspiring industry pros.