Melodika Celebrates the Marvels of Pro Tools | S6

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Based in Istanbul, Melodika is one of the shining stars of Turkey’s increasingly dynamic post-production industry. One of the country’s few facilities to have a ‘pure’ audio focus, Melodika is particularly active in feature films, commercials and documentaries.

The firm was founded and is still owned and operated by Didem and Taylan Oguz. A veteran of Turkey’s post community, Taylan Oguz has been using Avid’s industry-standard Pro Tools package for 20 years. It was therefore an immediate choice for specification when they established Melodika in 1995 and set about carving out an enviable reputation for the quality of its audio post work.

Today the company has no fewer than ten Pro Tools-equipped rooms, and also makes extensive use of Avid control technology, including a much-loved ICON D-Control large format digital console. Whilst it continues to maintain parity with each new incarnation of Pro Tools software, Melodika’s most recent major investment in Avid technology was a Pro Tools | S6 M40 control surface.

Supplied via Radikal Technologies two years ago, Melodika’s Pro Tools | S6 has more than proven its worth.

Upgrade time

“The starting point for the S6 purchase was that it was time to update the control technology infrastructure in our primary Dolby room – although it should be noted that our ICON D-Control is still seeing a great deal of service since we relocated it to our pre-mixing room.

We needed to have a system that would be flexible and easy-to-use by audio mixers working on a wide variety of projects, ranging from Turkish-made feature films to commercials. Inevitably, we soon came to take a look at the Pro Tools | S6 control surface, which combines design elements and features from both the System 5 and ICON families—the latter being particularly familiar to our engineers, of course. So the decision was taken to acquire the S6.”

“We needed to have a system that would be flexible and easy-to-use by audio mixers working on a wide variety of projects, ranging from Turkish-made feature films to commercials.”

Taylan Oguz

Quality and features

“One of the first points to make is that the S6 looks very stylish indeed and is a great complement to the design of our main Dolby room. But more crucially it has the capabilities that our audio mixers require, including powerful networked connectivity via the EUCON protocol and extensive visual feedback on the mix being undertaken.

To give our engineers the greatest possible scope for handling complex mixes, and to help provide us with some future-proofing, we specified the top-of-the-line M40-based configuration featuring 16 faders, five knobs per channel, and TFT displays. The control surface was supplied and installed in the closing months of 2013, and I can report that it has been in constant use ever since.”


Advancing with Avid

“As the purchase of the S6 confirms, we are very much committed to Avid technology as we seek to satisfy the changing demands of audio post work. Quality expectations continue to grow in the Turkish market, as does the general pressure to deliver projects on a rapid turnaround basis—and the S6 has proven to be a vital asset in both regards.

Although challenging economic circumstances in Turkey have had some impact on the domestic production of feature films, we continue to undertake a lot of movie-related work, with recent projects to have passed through our S6-equipped room including Turkish feature films Git Başımdan and Hadi İnşallah, Turkish/Japanese co-production Ertuğrul 1890, and the Turkish release version of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Avid technology has been integral to our workflows since 1995, and has helped us to develop the niche that we now occupy in the Turkish post market. I have no doubt that there will be further investments in the company’s technology in the future as the needs of the market—and of our own business—continue to evolve.”

Pro Tools | S6

Mixing Redefined

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