In Memoriam: Peter Thomas—Dedicated Colleague and Passionate Innovator

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It’s with a heavy heart that I sit here today and write to inform you that our esteemed colleague Dr. Peter Thomas passed away in September. Peter was not only the Chief Solution Architect for Avid’s Global Center of Excellence, but also a true leader among peers throughout the company.

With an infectious passion for work and a continual desire to innovate, Peter demonstrated what it means to strive for and achieve technical excellence. In his passing, we have lost an industry leader, an extraordinary colleague, and a dedicated advocate for the worldwide community.

Based in our Kaiserslautern office near Frankfurt, Peter had a rich history with Avid and came to work for us by way of our acquisition of Blue Order AG. He had been the Chief Technology Officer there, having designed the technology strategy and led the product development for what was to ultimately become Interplay MAM. Following the Blue Order acquisition, Peter was responsible for the architecture and technology strategy for the Integrated Media Enterprise group, and then transitioned into the Center of Excellence.


In his passing, we have lost an industry leader, an extraordinary colleague, and a dedicated advocate for the worldwide community.


Peter had been involved in the majority of our leading enterprise MAM customer implementations. From the very beginning of Blue Order with the EBU Euromedia project which led to ZDF, through YLE in Finland—our first fully end-to-end project—and onto the award-winning NBC Olympics and most recently the CBC in Canada, Peter would consistently dazzle clients with his combination of technical brilliance, drive for the right solution and incredible charm.

Just last month at IBC, Peter participated in many client meetings where he proudly explained how the Avid Everywhere vision was coming together to deliver the fully integrated environment he’d conceived so many years ago—with his Interplay MAM such a key element.

Praised by all of his colleagues, Peter was extremely passionate about the team in Kaiserslautern. He would go out of his way to make sure the team had everything it needed for success, while continuing to challenge them to create the best solutions for our customers.

I have only given you a glimpse of the life Peter led and the impact he had on Avid, his colleagues and the industry. He will be missed greatly.

Our thoughts go out to his family, friends and colleagues who are dealing with this difficult loss.

As senior director of the Global Centre of Excellence at Avid, I oversee Avid's mission to help customers gain insight and understand best practices when implementing complex enterprise class solutions.