Mix Audio with Greater Precision and Control

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Still using a mouse and keyboard to mix audio in Pro Tools or Media Composer? Sure, there are some out there who can make it work—and we salute you! For most of us though, a control surface is the key to working much faster and efficiently.

Artist Mix is a next-generation control surface that offers the functionality and feel of a professional mixing console, in a compact package that sits perfectly between your monitor and keyboard. It’s compactible with almost all EUCON-enabled applications, including Pro Tools, Media Composer, Apple Logic, Apple Final Cut Pro, Steinberg Cubase, and many others, so you can work with the software you’re comfortable with.

Artist Mix features eight touch-sensitive faders, so you can select a track with a simple touch. When you combine this feature with the dedicated Bank and Nudge keys, you can navigate large mixes quickly, without wasting tons of time clicking through your software. You can also record-enable, mute, solo, and assign tracks right from the surface. In addition, the mute and solo keys do double duty as transport control keys.

Eight touch-sensitive knobs at the top of the surface can be used to control multiple functions—from simple panning to advanced plug-in controls. Adjust individual parameters for plug-ins, EQ, dynamics, aux sends, VCA groups, and more. You can even flip control from the knobs to the faders, providing an alternative way of adjusting parameters for things like a graphic EQ.

Finally, Artist Mix features eight OLED screens that give you exceptional visual feedback of your mix. View track information, status, and feedback. See the track’s name and name of the parameter currently assigned to the knob, along with a graphical display of the parameter setting. Plus, you can view meters—including clip, peak, and normal—for mono, stereo, or surround tracks, as well as the track’s automation mode.

Besides the fact that you owe it to yourself to upgrade your workflow, there’s never been a better to step up to Artist Mix. For a limited time, all Pro Tools and Media Composer customers who have an active Annual Upgrade Plan, Annual Support Plan, or Annual Subscription can purchase Artist Mix for just $999—that’s more than 20% in savings. Bring home Artist Mix today.


* To be eligible for this offer, you must own either a Pro Tools or Media Composer perpetual license along with a current upgrade plan, or a current Pro Tools or Media Composer annual subscription.

Get Your Artist Mix for Just $999

Take deep integrated control over Pro Tools or Media Composer and mix music projects and sound for picture with greater speed and ease.


As an audio engineer and artist, I’ve recorded, mixed, prepped and cued for live broadcast, infomercials, radio, books on tape, and have done audio postproduction and scores. Since starting with Digidesign in 1996 I’ve had various roles in sales and marketing and today I serve as the product and solution marketing director at Avid. I love playing guitar and the art of making magic in the studio and while I currently don’t work in the field, I still make time for making music.