Music Creation

  • Girls Make Beats — Paving the Way for Young Women in the Music Industry

    Tiffany Miranda and Whitney Taber of Girls Make Beats give us an inside look into their non-profit organization and what inspired them to start this program.

  • Nathaniel Kunkel and Alan Meyerson Discuss Aspects of the Audio Packing Problem

    Nathaniel Kunkel and Alan Meyerson discuss many applications for which DynPEQ is well-suited and a few for which DynPEQ is uniquely suited.

  • A Rookie’s Experience of Avid Connect

    Film Production student Noah Kovalick recounts what he learned from some amazing audio professionals in his rookie year at Avid Connect.

  • EUCON 2018.3 Now Available—What’s New

    New EUCON 2018.3 software update is now available for Avid control surfaces, delivering Pro Tools | Control app and Multi Workstation Softkey Macro support for Pro Tools | S6, plus a variety of enhancements for all EUCON-enabled controllers.

  • Arranging for the Pageantry Arts: The Writing Process

    John Meehan, brass arranger for the world champion Blue Devils, highlights the first step in using Sibelius — inputting music to be molded into your arrangement.

  • NUGEN Audio StereoPack Elements — Instant Access to the Big Sounds Professionals Strive For

    Delivering powerful stereo enhancement through immediate, accessible interfaces—NUGEN Audio introduces Stereopack Elements AAX plug-ins. This March, get 70% off Stereo Pack Elements at

    by Jon Schorah
  • Anne Dern on Composing for Film with Sibelius

    Short notice, perfect takes, and a quick turnaround. Avid Sibelius offers composer Anne Dern intuitive features that help her bring out the best performances from her scores.

  • What’s Stopping You From Finishing Tracks?

    Why do music producers abandon projects that are 90% complete to start something new? And how can we overcome this issue and finish more tracks to a high standard? Read this Avid Blogs article to find out.

  • Sibelius Users — Sell Your Music Today to Millions Worldwide with SMP Press

    Learn how to export Sibelius files as a PDF in order to publish and sell your music on Sheet Music Plus with SMP Press.

  • M-Audio Adds Pro Tools | First Software to Their Audio Interfaces and Controllers

    Avid is proud to partner with Inmusic Brands to provide M-Audio customers with Pro Tools | First to grow their music creation careers.

  • Sibelius Comes to the Avid Artist Community

    Sibelius comes to the Avid Artist Community to enable Sibelius users to upload their scores and showcase their compositions directly from the application.

  • Sibelius Premium Cloud Storage Plans Now Available

    Sibelius Premium Cloud Storage Plans are now available to expand your Sibelius | Cloud Sharing capabilities and increase the number of scores that you can share online.

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