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  • Music: Take the Power of McDSP Plug-ins from Studio to Stage with the Release of Avid S3L Support

    Music: McDSP Plug-ins Now Go from Studio to Stage with Qualified Support for Avid S3L Systems

    McDSP has qualified all its AAX DSP plug-ins to operate on the S3L systems, and even added a few improvements to better support the S3 control surface.

    by Colin McDowell
  • Expanded Live Sound AAX Plug-in Platform for the Avid S3L System

    Music: Announcing an Expanded Live Sound AAX Plug-in Platform for the Avid S3L System

    Avid S3L live sound customers can now choose from a wide range of plug-ins from Avid as well as some of the world’s most respected developers including Crane Song, McDSP, and Sonnox.

  • Avid S3L: The Center of Your Live Production Environment

    Avid S3L is more than a great-sounding mixing desk—it’s a total live production system and the central point of control of your live sound environment. See why.

  • Sibelius is My Workhorse

    Whether I am directing, arranging, or performing, Sibelius is the default musical foundation of these pursuits. This is why.

  • Sibelius 7.5

    Nuanced, More Expressive Playback Features in Sibelius 7.5

    With Sibelius 7.5 and Espressivo 2.0, your scores play back with more realism and dynamism than ever before, whilst providing even more control to users. Learn more about the story behind these new features and what they can do for you.

  • Avid Blogs Music

    Express and Promote Your Creativity with New Music Sharing Features in Sibelius 7.5

    Introducing the new sharing features in Sibelius 7.5—easily email your score or directly upload to social media websites.

  • Celebrating Music at the 56th Annual GRAMMY® Awards and NAMM 2014

    With a ringside seat to musical history, my first GRAMMY® Awards experience is a memory I won’t soon forget. See what it’s like attending this ceremony and watching our award-winning and nominated customers receive the credit they deserve.

  • Designing Avid S3L: The Power of Events with Avid S3L

    The Power of Events with Avid S3L

    The ability to link unrelated operations together via a detailed and user-friendly interface becomes tantamount to S3L’s effectiveness in high-pressured environments. This is exactly what the Events system was designed for. Learn how to power your Events.

  • Avid S3L

    Designing and Optimizing Your Live Sound Monitor Mixing Workflows with Avid S3L

    Find out how Avid S3L, an immensely powerful, compact and versatile digital live sound system, is heavily optimized for monitor mixing workflows.

  • Avid S3L

    The Heritage of Avid Live Sound Systems Realized in an Ultra-Compact Console

    Avid S3L offers you an abundance of new workflows, breaking the mold of what was conventionally thought possible in an incredibly powerful, compact, intuitive live sound system.

  • Recording Music with the Bas Bulteel Trio and Avid S3L Live Sound System

    Recording Music with the Bas Bulteel Trio and Avid S3L

    Although I initially started using it for live sound, I soon realized after mixing a couple of gigs that Avid S3L really is much more—including recording music.

  • Avid S3L

    How Avid S3L and Ethernet AVB Create the Most Robust and Configurable Audio Network in Live Sound

    Avid S3L and Ethernet AVB—a partnership that created the most robust and easiest to configure audio network of any live sound console available today.

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