NAB 2016: Supervising Sound Editor Martin Hernandez on Crafting the Sound Behind The Revenant

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It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to hear sound editing tips from an Academy Award nominee, but today is not like any other day. Today is day one of the NAB Show 2016 and Avid opened its series of guest presentations on its main stage with Martin Hernandez, the supervising sound editor and sound designer for The Revenant.

Martin joined us to share insight on how he relied on Pro Tools to co-create the soundtrack for The Revenant. Every sound no matter how minor or shocking (think of the bear mauling scene) that fills your ears during the captivating 2+ hour movie was due to the movie’s talented sound team and the incredible work Marin and his collaborator Lon Bender, sound designer/supervising sound editor, did to bring the sounds together in harmony with Pro Tools—and all in support of the stunning visuals and dramatic scenes in the film.

Martin offered key tips throughout his presentation that anyone who aspires to follow his foot steps should keep in mind—starting now.

After his presentation came to a close, Martin had a few minutes to chat with us about Pro Tools with Avid Cloud Collaboration and how it will revolutionize his workflow.

Avid at NAB 2016

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