Here’s Your First Look at Pro Tools | First in Action

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In an exclusive video shot at NAMM 2015, recording artist, DJ, and Avid pro audio specialist Greg “Stryke” Chin offers an in-depth look at the powerful features in Pro Tools | First.

You’ll see how to play and record music instrument sounds with virtual instruments, fix mistakes, create perfect performances with the MIDI Editor, and polish your tracks using effects and sound-processing plug-ins. Let’s take a look.

Pro Tools | First

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Pro Tools | First is available now.

Marketing Manager for Avid Pro Tools, AAX, Education and music notation. In my past life, I have worked for the BBC, Virgin Townhouse Studios, SSL and Euphonix.
  • DJtraketo™ Street Mad Records

    hopefully work well with any interface!

    • Yes it works with Avid hardware IO and third-party audio hardware with supported Core Audio (Mac) or ASIO (Windows) drivers, including built-in audio hardware on Mac computers

  • Aaron Roosdale

    Can you purchase through the avid marketplace the REFX Nexus sythesizer?

    • No you can’t buy it from the Avid store although we are working to add a lot more plug-ins to the Avid store over the coming months. More info on REFX Nexus here..

  • Biohazard

    excited 😀

  • Donovan Krebs

    When can we download pro tools free.. received an email saying soon?? How soon

    • Hi Donovan, we’re rolling out availability of Pro Tools | First in stages. If you’ve received the coming soon email, you’ll receive another email with directions on how to download. Can’t give you an exact date on when you’ll receive the follow-up instructions. Thanks!

  • sufyan

    where can i download ProTools first as the email is saying soon ? please tell appropriate time and date ?

    • If you’ve received the “coming soon” email, you’ll also receive an new email with instructions on how to download. We’re rolling out availability in stages for everyone who signed up. Thanks!

  • Does this fix the problem of the MBox 3 Pro not working with the latest Mavericks iOS updates?

  • Julio Vergara

    Hi, I’ve received the “coming soon” email but no new email with instructions on how to download, what’s wrong?

    • The initial sign-up was massive so we are sending download links on a first-come, first-serve basis to make sure Pro Tools | First rolls out smoothly.

      • Julio Vergara

        Hi. I’m still waiting, why it takes so much time?

  • Bird Naruechit

    I don’t sure about project save. Can I save my project it produce with protools first on my pc? Or on clound only?

    • ▲Eyestec

      cloud only

      • Biohazard


      • Bird Naruechit

        That’s mean I need to connect to the internet while I need to cmd+s right?
        PS. Thank you a lot for your answer.

        • You current project will be saved within the application even if you are not connected to the internet. To save the project and move to another you need to be connected to the internet, although you can work on the current project even offline.

  • Aurelien VO

    i can’t download Pro Tools First 🙁

  • mclevit

    Looking great, so how soon as we getting the download link?

    • We have a very large number of people who signed up. We are gradually providing downloads on a first come first served basis to ensure a smooth introduction to Pro Tools | First.

  • ▲Eyestec

    how much will it cost additional space in the cloud ?

    • While we have announced that additional storage will be available for purchase we have not yet implemented this feature and cannot speculate on the price.

  • soundwave children


  • DiscipleDye

    What Are The System Requirements?

  • Raoni

    Please avid, we put back the CLIP GAIN in Pro Tools First! Please Do not block me again! What I’m asking is that you guys took the Pro Tools First EDITING TOOL CLIP GAIN…

  • Raoni

    Please avid, we put back the CLIP GAIN in Pro Tools First! Please Do not block me again! What I’m asking is that you guys took the Pro Tools First EDITING TOOL CLIP GAIN…!!!!!

  • Raoni

    Those users who do not seem to know Pro Tools? Pro Tools will only be useful if the CLIP GAIN tool,. COME ON PERSONNEL, WE WILL REQUIRE A Avid BACK TO PUT THE CLIP GAIN IN FIRST PRO TOOLS. ONLY SO PRO TOOLS WILL FIRST OF TRUTH

  • Raoni

    Those users who do not seem to know Pro Tools? Pro Tools will only be useful if the CLIP GAIN tool,. COME ON PERSONNEL, WE WILL REQUIRE A Avid BACK TO PUT THE CLIP GAIN IN FIRST PRO TOOLS. ONLY SO PRO TOOLS WILL FIRST OF TRUTH 😉

    • Njordy

      Dude, 4 messages? Come on!

  • Fred

    Looking forward. Thanks.

  • DJtraketo™ Street Mad Records

    I hope to get this coming week!

  • I can’t wait to get started.

  • Danilo Arcel Ruiz Videla

    Muy bueno pero lo necesito por favor, todavía no puedo descargar el software. Gracias.

    • The initial sign-up was massive so we are sending download links on a first-come, first-serve basis to make sure Pro Tools | First rolls out smoothly.

  • Dave Jackson

    Thank you guys… Not Bad… MINI ProTools D.A.W, impatienily waiting to record/make my daughters first song

    • We better get a chance to hear your daughter’s first song when it’s ready Dave!

  • Josh Gim

    Does it allow you to export the projects as MP3’s?

    • It allows you to export as .WAV audio files not MP3. That is your master. You can then
      import the master .wav song file into applications such as iTunes to
      produce compressed versions that reduce the file size including AAC and
      MP3 formats for posting on social media, although many sites will accept
      .wav master file formats. A typical 3 min song is about 40MB as .wav,
      and 4MB as .mp3.

  • NikRock

    I dont use internet on my music pc…so protools first its useless…great job guys

    • ▲Eyestec

      it can be hacked :DDDD very unpleasant avid company policy (

  • Nicolay Minulin

    Hi Avid!
    what Pro tools | First software version name ( like Pro Tools 10.3.10 or Pro Tools 11.3.1)?

    • Hi Nicolay, no versions. Pro Tools | First is a brand new product. There will be updates to it of course, but we won’t be using version naming. Hope that helps.

      • Nicolay Minulin

        Hey! thank you for response!
        i have interest private technical information about problems with Pro Tools 10HD and 12.

        please, contact me privacy anytime!

  • ▲Eyestec

    can you use Pro tools via rewire ? and when you finally give us a link to email ?

    • The Pro Tools Rewire features are included with Pro Tools | First so yes you can use Rewire.
      Pro Tools | First comes with the following Avid plug-ins: Xpand!2, Click II, D-Verb, DC Offset Removal, Dither, Dynamics III Compressor/Limiter, Dynamics III De-Esser, Dynamics III Expander/Gate, EQ III 1-Band, EQ III 7-Band, Gain, Invert, Mod Delay III, Normalize, POW-r Dither, Reverse, Rewire, Signal Generator, Time Adjuster, Time Shift, and Trim. We are working through the backlog of those signed up to download Pro Tools | First as well as incorporating feedback from those currently using the application. Hang in there.

      • ▲Eyestec

        I’m can running pro tools on a old macbook with an Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo ?

  • Dylan Blanton

    Are there zones that receive it first? Any news as to when certain people get it?

  • Juan Waissman

    can u tell the media time for the download will be available?

    • ▲Eyestec

      I’m tired of waiting. Applications to leave even from the first day of the announcement (in early spring)

    • Hi Juan, we’re still working with groups of users on availability. If you signed-up to be notified, you’ll receive a follow-up email with instructions on how to download once your particular group is ready. No dates to share I’m afraid on when that will be, but thanks for being patient and hanging it there!

  • ZXC

    Tell me if I am wrong about Pro Tools First, please:

    1) You can´t save your session in the computer´s hard disk.
    2) You can´t export the wav files as broadcasting wave files.
    3) You can´t import Pro Tools sessions of any version
    4) You are forced to be connected to Internet all the time

    Tell me please, how do you save your work during the process of composing a song?

    Does it have at least the function “Save as copy”?

    • 1) You can only save projects in the cloud, not to your local disk. However when working on a project you work from a local cache in the app so you dont always need to be logged in to your account. To save your project and move to another project you need to be logged in.
      2) WAV and broadcast WAV are pretty much the same, bcst WAV just has extra speace for metadata. the .wav files you can export are compatibel with bcst wav.
      3) You cannot import Pro Tools sessions
      4) No as i said once you have started a project you dont have to be connected to work on the project. At some point you need to connect to the cloud save it to the cloud or if you want to change projects.

      Also once cloud collaboration comes along to Pro Tools you will be able to collaborate with other Pro Tools and Pro Tools | First users to share projects. You could send your project to a friend with Pro Tools and they could save it to disk, or they could share their project for you to work on. Yu could also subscribe to a full version of Pro Tools for a month to work on your projects in the full version of Pro Tools and save them to disk.

      • Joe Crisp

        This cloud thing, not being able to save to a local disk will be a deal breaker for a lot of musicians, I don’t think Avid really thought this one through, might as well call PTF a demo without the ability to save. most musicians I know don’t and won’t have their DAW computers hooked to the internet for fear of getting viruses, think I’ll pass on this one, no use for cloud based software here.

        • Hi Joe, in all fairness, I’d invite you to try out this new way to collaborate before you decide to pass. Should be available in the 30-day trial versions when Cloud Collaboration is launched.

  • Joe Crisp

    Is this actually a DAW? from what I’ve been reading, there’s not much you can do with it, might be alright as a learning tool for those new to DAW’s, but for a seasoned musician, probably not a good choice…….

  • Gary Hicks

    Kool What a great idea to let people get to know your product. I worked in a studio about 15 years ago and Pro Tools was the state of art program but it cost around 10.000 and you had to have all this hardware and modules. Thanks for giving the music makers want to be*s a chance to expand their Muzak mind >Im sure after I fall in love with PT i will purchase my own personal version Thanx Again AVID

  • Darryl Willard

    Do we have any updates on this, been looking forward to this and testing it out in our Mac labs, we had some licenses for ProTools 10 but as thats not compatible with OS X Yosemite were anxiously awaiting firsts release. signed up a while ago now with both my institutions email address.

    • Hi Darryl, yes the Pro Tools | First invites have been rolling out in batches to folks who signed up. You will receive an invite to download by email. When depends on where you are in the sign-up list…first-come, first-serve.

  • Nicolay Minulin

    why so long time for release? in this year we can see release? and why First is too trimmed version?

    • We had a huge sign-up. Inviting folks in on a first-come, first-serve basis to be sure the cloud services are running smoooooothly. Thanks for being patient and keep your eyes peeled for that email invite.

  • mihajlopopovic

    I’ve signed up on January 22, 20:30 CET. If it’s rolling out on first come – first serve basis, I wonder just how many people have signed up before me?

  • Maikeru Gregory

    I received an email May 19th, stating my download link is coming soon. It’s now July 1st. Is this the expected wait time. I understand it’s a free product, but I would like to plan on it’s availability. Thanks.

    • Hi Maikeru, thank you for being patient. We’re still rolling out. Haven’t forgotten you. Sorry not able to offer a specific availability for you, but the team is pushing to get as many download links out as possible while still ensuring a smooth roll-out.

    • Brittany Wiley

      I received the same email and no link I resigned up so I’m still waiting

  • John

    Finally got an email to download this thing. Click on the link and egt “500 Internal Server Error”
    So now what?

    • Have you tried another browser or computer just to eliminate that as a possibility?

      • John

        Thanks, Adam. I did try on Chrome and then Firefox. Just tried on Safari – and it seems like progress – but then the instructions page is gone and I cannot retrieve it even if I click from my email again. I thought I read something about iLok. Is it true I need an iLok for this? This is just way too complicated for me. I’ll stick with Logic. Thanks.

  • David C

    It is a shame it’s only cloud. I wonder what the obsession is with all-things cloud?
    Most songwriters are somewhat paranoid about songs being pirated or plagiarized, so having to keep stuff on someone else’s platform is worrying, not to mention potential copyright issues over the ownership of the media music is stored on. By default recording studios own the mechanical copyright of your material because they owned the multi-track ‘tapes’ (now it’s their hard disks). You have to make sure that your contract with them assigns that right to you (the artist) or you supply the media.
    As a songwriter/composer I would be really wary of not having a copy of my own composition and work-in-progress in my possession.
    ProTools collaboration is a great idea, as my preferred recording and mastering studio runs Pro Tools.
    But we need to be able to store it locally. Which means big bucks to buy PT12.

    • Hi David, of course Pro Tools | First is more than cloud, you can work offline as well. From the FAQ (

      Q Do I have to be online and connected to my Avid Master Account to use Pro Tools | First?
      A. You can work offline, no problem. The first time you log in to your Avid Master Account from Pro Tools | First you can start working on your first project and save it. When you want to leave the project don’t logout, you will remain logged in offline, and you can still work on the project with a local project cache in the app. Next time you connect with the internet on that same computer and log in, your offline project work will sync up and store to the cloud.

      As far as the affordability of Pro Tools 12, it’s never been more accessible. With the new option to subscribe, you’re looking at approx. $25 a month. That’s a pretty significant way to lower your cost of entry into the world of Pro Tools.

      • David C

        Hi Adam,
        You completely missed my concerns, or else you’re trying to deflect the issue:-
        – That Avid will have control of a songwriter/composer’s stored works
        – and, by default, mechanical copyright.

        This was nothing to do with ‘working off-line’ and your answer above just makes me think you maybe have something to hide.
        I hope this isn’t the case.

        Is Avid prepared to issue a statement regarding copyright which makes it clear that all copyright is owned by the artist, not Avid?


  • Gloria

    Hello! I signed up a few months ago and I haven’t received anything. I want the pro tools first 🙁

  • William Dias

    Months of waiting and so far no link to download. Where can I get it?

  • Alain Julot

    I’m tired of waiting.

  • jaime vargas

    i’ve signed in february, today is july and no news about the link to download protools first. Maybe i must forget about this and think in another DAW?

  • Bogdan Socaciu

    Strange comments!!! It’s about the best DAW on market, you dreamed about it for years. Avid want to be perfect.

    • Willie Odom

      Well I guess I wait I sign up a while back….enjoy,, plase pass on how you like it and probs if any…

  • David D Pecelunas

    I already got it. It is real.

    • Cool! Keep us posted on your first (excuse the pun) impression.

    • David D Pecelunas

      I don’t even use it tho. And so what if it’s real.
      I don’t care.

  • Peter N

    Anyone know how long the wait for the link is? I signed up on July 8th. Looking forward to trying Pro Tools First.

  • Maikeru Gregory

    Good News!!! I received the download email for Pro Tools First yesterday and was able to down load and install the software. So thanks for that. Bad News is, Pro Tools First has “quit unexpectedly” just simply trying to log in. My Mac Book meets your system requirements, and I run Reason 8, Logic 9, Guitar Rig 5, Kontakt 5, and Garage Band 10 from this same system no problem. I did eventually get logged in after about 4 tries, but no error message indicating the reason for the previous failures. This has occurred on three occasions yesterday and once today. Is this a capacity issue on cloud/server end or comm issue connecting to the servers/cloud? Are there any known software incompatibility issues for Pro Tools First and any Mac software or utilities? For instance I turned off Virus/Malware scanning and other network scanning software while PTF was in use. Any others? Also it shows that I have three projects open. How do I delete a project, as do not intend to reach my limit as well?

  • Maikeru Gregory

    Update: I figured out how to delete the projects created on my account, so I’m down to just one project. There have been two updates to the Avid Application Manager thus far, is this to address login issues, or just general stability? Also, PTF only hung once while trying logon today. But, “quit unexpectedly” on choosing to exit the program. I only logged in once today. Does anyone on your team belong to Apple’s Developer Program? I was wondering if any testing has begun on the OSX 10.11 El Capitan ? I was wanting to test PTF running on 10.11, but can I use my existing copy on another system?

  • Domenic Rabone

    Talk about the all time tease signed up month’s ago still nothing totally bummed out……

  • Brittany Wiley

    I signed up months ago got a email it was on the way and never heard anything else so I signed up again and registered on avid and I’m still waiting ugggghhhh

  • Rich Johnson

    I got the download, and did the install, but it takes a very long time to open up and when it does, there is a Dashboard screen up over the main screen, and everything is frozen. I have to go to Task Manager to close it out. I’m running it on a new Lenovo machine with an i7 processor and 8G of RAM. Should I do a re-install?

    • Maikeru Gregory

      Rich you may want to log into the Avid Community Troubleshooting forum for Pro Tools First. I have a Mac myself, but there are other end users using both PC’s and Mac’s having similar issues. There is an Avid Moderator on the forum hopefully he or some of the other PC users can offer you guidance.

  • Maikeru Gregory

    I just posted a lengthy comment and question post on Avid Community Troubleshooting forum for Pro Tools First. I’m not expecting a response as today is Sunday. But, after just 3 days of having finally received the download link for PTF after 6 months, I’m seriously inclined to uninstall it. I’m running a Mac, and my system meets Avids’ requirements for PTF. I run Reason 8, Logic 9, GarageBand 10, Guitar Rig 5, and Kontakt 5 from this same system. I also beta test software from this system as well. The complaints about login issues both in Troubleshooting Forum and on this Blog are universal for both Mac and Windows platforms. Slow or no response just trying to logon to the cloud/server. Slow and/or no response once logged on and unable to quit without some type of system force quit on the end user side. I now understand the statement that AVID wanted to ensure a smooth roll out as the explanation for the wait time between signup and download link reception. But, it does not seem that staggering end user access has addressed the issues. I understand that this is a “free” product and I applaud Avid for making it available. But, as an end user my time isn’t free and the expectation that a company the size and stature of Avid was announcing, let alone releasing a product like PTF to the public, and for free. Expectations were in fact raised. By Avids’s own account the response to the sign up for PTF was overwhelming. I’m not even sure who the real target audience of the product is. Is it a gateway product for Avid Everywhere/Avid Marketplace? Or, is it a gateway product for Pro Tools 12 and the rest of the family? Right now, it doesn’t feel like it’s ready for a public roll out, it feels like it’s still in beta.

  • Axel Rivera

    when are they supposed to sen the download for Pro-Tools First I need it sense its gonna be helpful in college sense I’m studying Audio Production and thy are allowed to teach with Pro-Tools and even give us a pro-tools certification,

    • Maikeru Gregory

      Pro Tools First is definitely not Pro Tools 12. If your goal is a Pro Tools Certification, Your time would be better spent focusing on Pro Tools 12, then waiting on the download email for Pro Tools First.

  • Paul Anderson

    I signed up last month no download link yet. So I jut re-signed the form.

  • Johnny Meads

    I signed up months ago…..never gonna happen. I will stick with Cubase

  • Throck

    I received the download email but once I login. it puts me back on the “Get on the list” page. Not able to actually download the thing.

  • romi ayad

    Hello avid, tell me! because your clients all have protools, why you their offer a free version, why not give us some plug-ins for example? I will not change my mac that costs a fortune to have a free software that works only with the most recent version of mac!

  • Jon Barry

    Not working well on windows 10 at all.

    • Hi Jon, Windows 10 is not yet support for the Pro Tools family. Best to try it out on Windows 7/8 if you can. For an update on Windows 10 availability, subscribe to this Avid Knowledge Base article:


      • Jon Barry

        Thanks – have switched back to W8.1 which actually boots up better than W10 anyway. Protools first seems to be fine on this.

      • Daugh

        Windows 10 has a known issue 5.1 audio that is being worked on. You can change the MHz as a work around from what I’ve seen. I just set my speakers to stereo in the mean time as another work around.

    • Lance Peters

      does that mean you have received your copy? If so when?

      • Jon Barry

        Yes I received it at the end of July – but I had windows 10 on my laptop..Have since gone back to windows 8.1 and its fine and a good introduction to Protools, if youve never used it.

  • Michael

    Well, what can I say. I think it was sometime in late December or January when I signed up to “get on the list”. I did get my email saying its coming soon sometime back. I have yet to receive this download link. I just re-signed up today and hope to try this out before 2016.

  • Nicolay Minulin

    in this year i can receive download link?))

  • Diana

    When I get the Installer will it let me install the software on a non system drive.

    • Diana

      I mean an external Non system drive?

  • Aaron Lee Wise

    Signed up months ago but never recived the download

  • Rick Mendyka Sr

    Wow… Finally here.

  • Carter Ace

    when i try to open a project, its says “error posting project”

  • Daugh

    I signed up a long time ago and never received an invite. I’ve checked my junk mail too. I’d love to try it. Any way to get a link again if you may have missed the email?

  • Willie Odom

    Ok someone where is PT first…I singed up a while back……..will it still happen……

  • Pipo Gomes

    So I receive a mail to download PT first, then I was be redirected to a signing form, and then to a inscription to the list… so no PT first for me yet…

  • Gordon Gurley

    Hmm, signed up months ago, never got the invite. Signed up again, still waiting…

  • Bogdan Socaciu

    Just arrived after 1 month i was signed and work perfect!

    • Willie Odom

      wow…ok…I guess I wait little longer…

  • Rachael Lyne

    I signed up 3 months ago, I’m still waiting for the download email. Can someone tell me what’s going on. I’m extremely frustrated having to wait this long.

    • same here, but just google pro tools first to get the download page and follow the five or so steps. Forget waiting for the email – that was probably a sham to limit the number of complaints in the first moths…. did not work, it seems.

  • Erby Lubin

    I got the download link but I keep getting redirected to the sign up page what should I do?

  • cdn2112

    “AAE error – 6117 was encountered”
    “The selected audio device could not be initialized. Please choose another audio device.”
    ?????? S-O-S

  • MenojR

    Having PT First for a week now but nothing can be done as the create project gives a “there was an error posting the project”

  • Bogdan Socaciu

    TIShellMgr.dll is missing and AAXHost.dll is missing…i think i return to other stable DAW’s.



  • Felix

    HELP! I installed the application. When I lauch it, besides the purple opening window with the Pro Tools First title, another completely blank window pops up. Nothing happens then, no matter how long I wait. If I quit this blank window, the appliation loads ok, so I can sort-of get in. Then a window named Dashboar pops up and if I try to create a project for the templates, it says „You must be signed in to access Projects in the cloud„ So I then try to sing in and another window appears saying: „ Please connect to the Internet before singing in.„ All this with my PC already connected to internet.

    • Marc Pichette

      I’m having the same problem. SO FRUSTRATING!!!! Did you ever find a solution?

  • John Hammond

    I installed the Pro Tools First software. That was all good. But when I go to open Pro tools, I get the AAE 6117 error. I downloaded ASIO4All; it says my computer’s audio device is running. Also set up Run as Administrator in the Properties tab. No luck. Can’t find out any more info about this than that. My computer does meet all the prerequisites. This is version 12.2 and I have Windows 7. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • Stephen Whitby

    I have a 3 month old educational lisence and have had nothing but trouble as it’s a new program for me. I can’t get rewire programs such as Ableton on the drop down menus in pro tools 12.

  • Bogdan Socaciu

    I encountered 2 months ago this problem: “TIShellMgr.dll is missing and AAXHost.dll is missing”. I blame Avid! But reinstalling Pro Tools First on another PC, a new one, everythings works Perfect; even Rewire, Dashbord…etc. So, people, don’t blame Avid, fault is your computer, configuration, Hdd, and….not forget…Windows. Pro Tools First work perfect so…see system requirements. Good day!

  • Jose

    I down loaded Pro tools first . The program won’t let me create a Project I downloaded the driver asio that they recomend and tried all the setting on it no I downloaded studio one it runs flawless but I didn’t like the layout it’s very confusing … I like pro tools cause I can find my way easy and user friendly… I don’t want to put down the company that I like cause there is nothing else that I can use besides pro tools the other company is always harder for me to use but I don’t understand why pro tools first being distributed when it’s not even ready to be use yet…this is bad for the company, bad for the users, and bad for everyone I don’t see the point of releasing something that is still under develop..

    • Fawkes Child

      Agree. Never seen a piece of crap like this. app just don’t work. Lost 5 hours of my life. deleted.

    • Sonny

      I have been using Pro Tools/First for over a year, Program is a DEMO but, you can get to know the feel, use the Tools, and Learn the Operating Environment of the Pro Tools Program, the Tutorials are worth the Download themselves if you are serious about purchasing the Full Program. The New M-Box is a Interface with Pro Tools included. I’m using an M-Track Plus, Toshiba i3, 16 GB Ram. Program does crash with prolong use with Windows Media Player. However I’m having a BALL with this thing using Xpand! 2, a FREE Virtual Instrument, that comes with the program. Stick with it, you wont be sorry.

  • Bogdan Socaciu

    I always want to use Pro Tools ( the industry’s most trustedthe industry’s most trusted and used DAW

  • Bogdan Socaciu

    I always want to use Pro Tools (the industry’s most trusted and used DAW), but if you release a version for poor people, just don’t release it. I can’t understand, if you make the most trusted and used DAw why you can’t cover some basic things for free users. My third problem is: The maximum number of project has been reached for this account. Existing project can be deleted from the Open tab in the Dashboard. And i can’t find some solution for this problem. Avid is silent. AVID, why should i buy 700$ software? Ableton, Presonus…work so flawless with less money. Dissapointed.

  • Jose

    Pro tools First is a DEMO any DAW that only allow you to Ceate only 3 songs is a DEMO that resriction is not reasonable come on 3 songs ? are you kidding? this is a Demo and it doesn’t even work come one …please please it’s a joke

  • Jim Fiegen

    I would so love to be part of this wonderful experience, but I’m stuck in iLok Hell and cannot enjoy this wonderful program. iLok, it seems, does not deem my Win7 64 bit computer worthy of installation. Avid, you need a new third party security company, they are ruining your business and reputation!!!

    • George Hopkins

      Just bought and trying to run pro tools 12. Spent 24 hours downloading and installing plugins ilok, etc. and most of that 24 hours was troubleshooting, and incredibly tedious scavenger hunt for clues on how to proceed. And after all that, I still get an error initializing pro tools, says, does not recognize audio program, please select another. Went online ( again) and found a support line where you have to pay per incident. My left brain grabbed a beer and started watching I LOVE LUCY reruns, while my right brain slowly walked away, dragging it’s guitar in it’s tired depressed hand.

  • Marc Pichette

    I’m using WINDOWS 10. I installed Pro Tools First. When I launch it, it starts to initialize then another completely blank window pops up. Nothing happens then, no matter how long I wait. If I quit this blank window, the application loads ok, Then the Dashboard pops up and if I try to create a project for the templates, it says „You must be signed in to access Projects in the cloud„ So I then try to sing in and another window appears saying: „ Please connect to the Internet before singing in.„ All this with my PC already connected to internet.

  • John Judge

    There is NO WAY that my studio system gets connected to the net, and it looks like that is the only way to run this, or even save a project because it does NOT save to your own HDD…


  • Jax

    I downloaded and synced everything but every time I open ProTools it tells me “the Maximum number of projects is reached……please delete projects”

    I haven’t even been able to use it let alone record any projects. When I try to delete anything it says my project fold is empty WTF??? PLEASE HELP!! setting this up has been a nightmare and its been over a month. btw I am MAX OSX

    • Jax

      I tried deleting and re downloading and launching. no luck

  • Lee Kwangho

    Hi. I just installed pro tools first. First of all, thanks. However, whenever i try to record voice or instruments, there is a error message related to disk allocation. How do I solve this problem??