NAMM 2015: Pro Tools | First—It’s Pro Tools, It’s Free!

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Pro Tools | First is a free version of Pro Tools available to everyone – coming soon. It includes a subset of Pro Tools features primarily aimed at musicians and audio enthusiasts that are new to Pro Tools, but it’s a lot deeper than that, so let’s take a look at what a free version of Pro Tools is really all about.

The big questions are why Avid is making a version of Pro Tools available to everyone for free, how does it compare with other versions of Pro Tools, and in reality what can and can’t you do with it creatively.

Available to everyone for free.

The idea of a free version of Pro Tools is not new, Avid released Pro Tools Free in 2000 with 8 audio tracks, to allow users not familiar with Pro Tools to check out a reduced feature set version of the software. And the current version of Pro Tools software is available for free 30-day trial but requires an iLok to run it. So what’s different about Pro Tools | First?

These are the three main reasons why Pro Tools | First came into being:

Learn the art of media creation—The same music creation and audio production tools used by the top pros and facilities in the world is now available as a freemium application, enabling artists to create great sounding music tracks and giving aspiring audio professionals a means to learn the same tools as the pros.

Try Pro Tools for free—Pro Tools | First will enable anyone to check out Pro Tools for free without the need for an iLok.

Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools—With Avid Cloud Collaboration coming soon to Pro Tools, Pro Tools | HD and Pro Tools | First, artists, producers and engineers will be able to connect and work together as if they were in the same room.

And of course we want you to have fun and give yourself a chance to show your talent to the world.

Pro Tools | First vs. Pro Tools Software.

A detailed comparison between the different versions of Pro Tools can be seen here. Pro Tools | First has most of the same features as Pro Tools, the notable differences are the track counts, with Pro Tools | First having up to 16 mono/stereo audio tracks, 16 MIDI tracks and 16 Instruments tracks for a maximum of 48 tracks compared with hundreds of tracks for Pro Tools.

There are simplified preferences, there is no score editor or video playback in the timeline, and the timeline does not include SMPTE. The mix and edit window and the MIDI window pane are included and it supports up to up to 96kHz (hardware dependent), ASIO/Core Audio and Mac/Windows. It includes Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch but not Beat Detective. In summary there are some features missing compared with Pro Tools software but for many beginners, or those new to Pro Tools this will not be an issue.


Pro Tools | First only saves projects to the cloud in your Avid Master Account and three are included free. You log in to access and work on your projects but you can work offline when not logged in or if there is no internet, on the last project you saved to the Cloud from a local cache within the application. Once you log back in, the changes made get synced up to your cloud projects. Avid will offer additional Pro Tools | First projects to purchase from the Avid Marketplace in the near future. You can also complete a project and export the final stereo mix and then delete that project to give you back the space needed to start a new project.

You cannot import or export Pro Tools sessions, but with cloud collaboration, when it comes, you will be able to collaborate on your friend’s projects. You can import and export audio files with Pro Tools | First.

NAMM 2015: Pro Tools | First—It’s Pro Tools, It’s Free!


A core set of 21 Avid professional plug-ins are part of the Pro Tools | First install and they do not require an iLok:

Click II, D-Verb, DC Offset Removal, Dither, Dynamics III Compressor/Limiter, Dynamics III De-Esser, Dynamics III Expander/Gate, EQ III 1-Band, EQ III 7-Band, Gain, Invert, Mod Delay III, Normalize, POW-r Dither, Reverse, Rewire, Signal Generator, Time Adjuster, Time Shift, and Trim.

Of these, the bread and butter plug-ins are EQ III, Dynamics III, Mod Delay II and D-Verb, a versatile reverb. If you don’t know Mod Delay III, it is a mono/stereo multi-tap delay line for delay, echo, flanger and phaser effects. All the plug-ins have easy to use presets.

Xpand!2 is the perfect virtual instrument for starting the music creation process with over 2,500 presets including acoustic pianos, strings, percussion, brass, and woodwind instruments, to electronic synthesizers, pads, guitars, drums, synth basses, loops, ambient sounds, effects, and more.

Get Xpand!2 and Graphic EQ Plug-ins for free

When you download Pro Tools | First get Xpand!2 free from the Avid Marketplace. In Pro Tools | First go to the to menu Marketplace>Plug-Ins… You can also get the free Graphic EQ stompbox plug-in.

NAMM 2015: Pro Tools | First—It’s Pro Tools, It’s Free!

Plug-ins and New First Plug-in Bundles

A new feature for Pro Tools and included with Pro Tools | First is the ability to do in-app purchasing from the Avid Marketplace. Only plug-ins purchased through the Avid Marketplace with your Avid Master Account will work with Pro Tools | First.  All other plug-ins will remain hidden and unavailable at launch. Pro Tools | First supports AAX Native 64 and AAX AudioSuite 64 plug-ins purchased from within the in-app Marketplace. Check the description/specs in the Avid Marketplace to confirm if an iLok is required. Plug-in bundles which include ‘First’ in the name are specifically designed for use with Pro Tools | First and do not require an iLok. These plug-ins should download and automatically install, without needing to re-launch Pro Tools. iLok protected plug-ins purchased from the in-app Marketplace will work with Pro Tools | First providing you have an iLok.

4 new, low cost creative plug-in bundles, designed for Pro Tools | First users, are available on the Avid Marketplace with more coming soon. These bundles include some of the Avid core plug-ins not included with Pro Tools | First, such as the Avid Channel Strip, and selections from the new Eleven Effects Bundle which is a bundle that will be available for all Pro Tools users that includes 17 plug-ins modeled after analog stomp box guitar, bass and studio effects.

Avid Cloud Collaboration and Pro Tools | First.

Pro Tools | First will be compatible with Cloud Collaboration coming soon, meaning that anyone who wants to participate in a Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration projects can do so for free. One of the reasons behind launching Pro Tools | First is that it will allow anyone to download the app and participate in the new Cloud Collaboration features with other Pro Tools | First/Pro Tools/Pro Tools | HD users, making it possible to play and write music with your friends and colleagues wherever they are in the world even if you have never used Pro Tools before or if you are using another DAW.

Learning with Pro Tools | First.

For educators, students and beginners, Pro Tools | First offers a free opportunity to learn the basics of Pro Tools, a professional application used by top studios and pros, and taught at a higher level in colleges throughout the world. The Get Started Fast with Pro Tools | First video series will be available on when Pro Tools | First becomes available and covers all the basic steps for installing and creating a song from setup to mixing.

Master the Art of Music Creation

For college level students Pro Tools for Education is more suitable as it exactly matches the feature set used by the pros, is required for certification, and is now available for as little as $99 per year.

Also, since Pro Tools | First shares most of the same features as Pro Tools, there is a wealth of online ‘how to’ video resources that musicians and audio editors, new to the world of recording and/or Pro Tools, can access to help them get the most out of the Pro Tools | First experience and ultimately produce great sounding songs and tracks that stand out from the crowd.

Once you have learned Pro Tools | First moving up to Pro Tools is easy as workflows and the creative process is basically the same. The full version of Pro Tools allows for more tracks and features, the scoring editor, more included plug-ins, and video in the timeline as well as the ability to save sessions to the local drive. Pro Tools | First users can check out the differences by buying an iLok and downloading the 30-day Pro Tools trial.

NAMM 2015: Pro Tools | First—It’s Pro Tools, It’s Free!

Creating with Pro Tools | First.

Pro Tools | First is a very powerful media creation tool and is a perfect way for beginners to learn the basics of recording and to produce pro quality music and audio tracks. Although it is the perfect tool for music creation, Pro Tools | First can also be used for audio edit applications such as the spoken word, voice over editing, sound effects design and for mastering tracks from video editors.

Pro Tools | First is now available for download. Get Pro Tools | First>

Avid Pro Tools Software Download

Get Your Free 30-Day Trial

Compose, record, edit, and mix with Pro Tools—the award-winning professional’s choice for music and audio post production. Now you can try the entire creative toolset free.

Marketing Manager for Avid Pro Tools, AAX, Education and music notation. In my past life, I have worked for the BBC, Virgin Townhouse Studios, SSL and Euphonix.
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    Thanks Guys

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    Lord Jesus, WHEN??!!??
    The waiting is killing me!!

  • A2theC

    “Once you have learned Pro Tools | First moving up to Pro Tools is easy …is basically the same. The full version of Pro Tools allows for…the ability to save sessions to the local drive. Pro Tools | First users can…” suck a lemon! Thanks for wasting my time…

    • Black and Forth

      why do pro tools first users have to suck a lemon..are you saying we should not waste our time with the software… i am more concern with this cloud collbo thing will everyone see my save work that has pro tools first..hell i am new to this i may have to take your lemons and add sugar baby…

      • Nobody gets to see any of your work, its secure and private. You can when Cloud Collaboration ships, invite someone to collaborate on your session and you choose which tracks to let them see and collaborate on within a project.

        • Chris Hills

          so can you say what month it comes out or right around ,, thanks

  • thajack

    I was pretty excited until it got to the part about the requirement to save projects in the cloud. Even with an unlimited number of projects available, that would be a showstopper for me.

    • Stew Day

      Ditto … deal breaker!

    • DrBobNM

      exactly. cloud is insecure.

    • Fiddlesticks

      This was exactly my thinking. Looks fantastic, but I wouldn’t even bother downloading it unless I could use my local storage/backup solution exclusively.

    • John Judge

      Agreed, my studio systems have NEVER been attached to the net…and yes, I NEVER updated them to avoid connecting them. If I HAD to, then I backed up, wiped the system, and started fresh from the OS up. Once that was done the plug was pulled and it never touched the net again…

  • vikramjit banerjee

    will it have the audio quantize feature where manually played drums can be snapped to grid in spite of being a wav file ?

    • Yes it has Quantization for both audio and MIDI tracks with Pro Tools and you can vary the amount of quantize and swing. With audio you can manually move the timing of each drum hit or do the whole recording at once. With MIDI you also have the option to quantize but keep the original so you can always go back to the way you recorded the notes. Lots of options.

  • Rocc Tha Rippa

    Can’t wait til this drops!

  • Very Misunderstood

    Does Pro Tools work for Windows or is this only a MAC system?

    • Nathanael Katsanis

      It’s for both.

  • Karl-Heinz Behnert

    what does Pro Tools require on my computer? RAM, ROM, Processor, Storage and so far?

  • Black and Forth

    if the protools first will be connected with the clouds collaboration everyone else hooked up to the same system will see your work,,what if i don’t want everyone seeing what i am creating…

    • When Cloud Collaboration comes nobody sees what you are doing unless you invite them into your session and then you get to determine what tracks in your session you let them see.

  • frederik

    This looks fantastic, when is this released?

  • Leonardo

    This seems like a way to learn the lingo and technique to recording. Recording has seemed overwhelming to this musician that knows little about all the options in mixing.

  • Stoneman

    So , if i use pro tools first and record my garage band, will I be able to save the session on my hard drive and listen to it in the house? Convert to an mp3?.

    • Lasse

      When you export you get a raw .wav file. This file you can later convert using itunes

  • Lasse

    I can see that many HP Z configurations are supported by PT but not the one I have; Z600 :-(. Andrew Wild, can you comment on this. Will it work anyway? Thx in advance.

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    When is this coming out!!!!

  • Sumit Halder

    Can the loops be downloaded from marketplace ???

  • Michael John Sparrow

    Is this going to be for a trial period or once it’s downloaded it’s ours?

    • Pro Tools | First is a free creative software application for you to use indefinitely. No trial period.

  • Clyde Evans Howard III

    Andrew Wild could we get a straight answer for these questions 1) When will Pro Tools First be available for download ? 2) Will it work on windows os computers ?

  • Tormy Van Cool

    is that project failed? Because from January 2015 till now: 7 April 2015, it’s a bunch of time … and nothing seems available up there.

    • Hi Tormy, project is still a go! Pro Tools | First will be available soon. Stay tuned…

  • owen lynch

    “Avid will offer additional Pro Tools | First projects to purchase from the Avid Marketplace in the near future.”
    – How Much will it cost per additional project stored in cloud?

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    “Coming Soon”…
    One eternity later:
    “Coming Soon”…

  • Guest

    “Soon” could mean next week, or next month, or six months from now. Original announcement said Q1. Can’t you give a more specific time-frame?

  • Charles Platt

    Does anyone have an update on the release date for Pro Tools First? The announcement initially stated it was to be released during the 1st quarter. That has changed to “Coming Soon” (not too flattering) which could mean months to years before its released.

  • Cássio Raoni Cássio Raoni

    The avid creates Pro Tools 12, knowing that many professionals will take sound the same in Pro Tools First. Pro Tools 12 should be free, why not use having so many plug-ins in Pro Tools 12 if one does not know how to work. We compare well: A professional using Pro Tools First and a beginner using Pro Tools 12! Who knows making better sound with more quality?
    I’m sure even the professionals, will take a better sound in Pro Tools First of the new to Pro Tools 12
    I bought 3 years ago Pro Tools 10, but when I saw the Avid Pro Tools launching a First for free. I vendir my Pro Tools 10 immediately. I think it should all buy Pro Tools, have all

    the upgrad and update. Knowing that Avid will not sell both Pro Tools 12, comparing with free downloads of Pro Tools First. In short few people will buy Pro Tools 12! And if it was a case of repentance of avid, released a free program, is good immediately release this Pro Tools First. Because I sold my Pro Tools 10 and I am no program to record, I and the world is waiting Pro Tools First. So let so much delay and then release this download. WE WANT THE FIRST PRO TOOLS NOW !!!!

  • andrewjjhall

    Andrew Wild is offering us the world on a plate [for which I am sure we will all be truly thankful ….. for ever and ever …. (Amen)], so he needs some peace and quiet whilst he finishes saying grace. I only heard the good news dinner bell today, so I will surely endure a shorter wait than others below. I look forward to Pro Tools | First and to Cloud Collaboration etc., not least because of what * happened after I tried uploading some on-the-fly solo piano and violin recordings to Soundcloud a year ago using a Cubase LE 30-day trial [a bit of a disappointing trial as I was often clicking on menu features which were blocked – i.e. what you see is not what you get (whereas Pro Tools | First will not contain a bucket-load of de-activated teasers – it seems)]. * someone left a message on my soundcloud asking if he could lift a sample. Those who have watched the Avid videos and read what we have been asked to read in advance of receiving the download will surely appreciate the commercial opportunities that await the lucky few who, as advised by Noah, make the best of what is made available to us, and get noticed. It would be nice to be noticed (for all the right reasons) – I have a short track in the Oscars section of “The Bodyguard”, but no one (except collection societies, my publisher and me) notices it because Whitney is effing and blinding over it from start to finish. These are exciting times, and what we are now looking forward to seems to me to be a far cry from the usual run-of-the-mill entry-level download. My advice, for what it’s worth, is to do as we have been advised by Andrew Wild et al – sign up, read up and be ready to hit the ground running. Best wishes to all. P.S. …… anyone received the download yet?

    • D Pepper Massey

      I signed up in January and haven’t received anything yet. I hope if anyone receives it, they’ll let us know.

      • The earliest set of folks who signed up when we announced Pro Tools First have begun to receive their download links. We’re doing a slow roll-out to be sure it’s smooth and trouble-free for customers. Since you signed up, keep your eyes open for that download email.

        • No Way

          This is 2015, Adam. Do you guys need SEVEN MONTHS to roll something out to people who signed up in January? Get some more server space because the excuse of a “smooth rollout” got old in March.

  • not so avid

    Well… when it will be available for download!?

  • Cássio Raoni Cássio Raoni

    Let Avid soon release our Pro Tools First !!! Or you guys want another company like Steniberg bid Cubase 8 Free or better Cubase First? For I aconcelho that you guys soon release the Pro Tools First. Because I think other companies already have the same idea of you and maybe better ideas

  • Dragan

    I signed up for Pro Tools first, so far I have not even used a Pro Tools or any other. I hope I can be as a beginner quickly get used to the PT, I’m interested only whether there is a possibility that all this works well on Win 7? I look forward to joining the Avid family and I hope to do a lot with your help and with my persistence as my time is permitted, however, family and work

    I apologize for bad English

  • Cássio Raoni Cássio Raoni

    Please avid, we put back the CLIP GAIN. How do I go and world Download or increase the volumes of the audios? We want the CLIP GAIN on Pro Tools First

  • Cássio Raoni Cássio Raoni

    We want the CLIP GAIN on Pro Tools First

  • Cássio Raoni Cássio Raoni

    We want the CLIP GAIN on Pro Tools First….

  • Cássio Raoni Cássio Raoni

    We want the CLIP GAIN on Pro Tools First!!!!!!

  • Cássio Raoni Cássio Raoni

    AVID We want the CLIP GAIN on Pro Tools First PUT BACK

  • Screw the word soon and give us a friggen date already

  • Upstate Rukkus

    this PRO TOOLS FIRST free software is becoming like the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.

    by the time it does finally happen………………it will be a waste of time!

    • Or it could be Ali v. Liston – the greatest knockout you’ve ever seen. Either way, we’re getting our popcorn ready!

    • Diana

      You’re right. Six months is a long time to wait.

  • Alessandro Infanti

    PT First will support Eleven Rack like the regular version of Protools?

  • Raoni

    Please avid, we put back the CLIP GAIN in Pro Tools First! Please Do not block me again! What I’m asking is that you guys took the Pro Tools First EDITING TOOL CLIP GAIN…

    • @disqus_SxZaXTqj2q:disqus With all due respect, you posted the exact same comment numerous times. It does not benefit the Avid Blogs community to have to wade through the same comment over and over again. You’ve made a very valid request regarding Clip Gain in Pro Tools First and I appreciate you sharing your feedback here. However, this isn’t a product feature request forum. We’ll have new product feature request channels open when Pro Tools First fully launches into the world. In the meantime, enjoy the articles here and stay passionate!

      • CTS

        Well handled, Adam.

      • Jjonas808

        I found his threads/comments via a Google search….researching “Pro Tools First Clip Gain”.

        6 months later…no clip gain. “First is the worst” ;P

  • Raoni

    Please avid, we put back the CLIP GAIN in Pro Tools First! Please Do not block me again! What I’m asking is that you guys took the Pro Tools First EDITING TOOL CLIP GAIN…@@@

  • Raoni

    Those users who do not seem to know Pro Tools? Pro Tools will only be useful if the CLIP GAIN tool,. COME ON PERSONNEL, WE WILL REQUIRE A Avid BACK TO PUT THE CLIP GAIN IN FIRST PRO TOOLS. ONLY SO PRO TOOLS WILL FIRST OF TRUTH

  • Raoni

    Those users who do not seem to know Pro Tools? Pro Tools will only be useful if the CLIP GAIN tool,. COME ON PERSONNEL, WE WILL REQUIRE A Avid BACK TO PUT THE CLIP GAIN IN FIRST PRO TOOLS. ONLY SO PRO TOOLS WILL FIRST OF TRUTH !!!!!! 😉

  • CTS

    My understanding from an email notice was that it was being released to successive groups of people, moving through the waiting list. But a note from Avid below refers to “an early group of testers.” So is it in the process of being released to everyone on the wait list, or is it still in beta?

    • Originally Beta testers, now it’s being released to those who signed up on a first-come, first-serve basis in groups. By staggering the release, we ensure a smooth roll-out. If you signed-up, you can rest assured you’ll be getting download instructions.

      • paramburu

        I signed up January 31st. The media started publicizing Pro Tools | First around the 20th of that month. If you were really releasing on a first-come first-serve basis I would assume I should have received the link. I didn’t even received the email notice CTS mentions.

        • Not necessarily, given the huge sign-up we had from the beginning of the announcement. That said, if you did sign-up, you will receive an email with a link to download Pro Tools | First when we hit your spot in the sign-up list.

  • mihajlopopovic

    This whole PT First thing seems so messy and vague… It would have been much easier for everyone if they just said it’s coming later this year, or didn’t announce it before it was ready.
    A great way to make up for this situation would be adding more features, like local session storage support, for instance… 🙂 Alright, I’ll save that for the feature request forum.

  • Raoni

    If the avid want to please their fans, should put the Clip gain for easy editing and make the Pro Tools First work with RTAS plug-ins, like the Pro Tools 10

    • Hi again, Raoni. No doubt you feel strongly about your desire to see Clip Gain included in Pro Tools | First. For the benefit of this blog community, I’m again asking that you not post the same comment repeatedly across several blog articles. If you have any trouble with this request you can contact me directly at

  • Nicolay Minulin

    hi! what does First is software version name (like Pro Tools 10.3.9 or Pro tools 11.3.1)?

  • Sean

    I am not pleased at the moment. I signed up for pro tools first two weeks and still have not received any download link. please get back to me.

    • mihajlopopovic

      I’ve signed up over 4 months ago…

    • Hi Sean, no question you’re anxious to get started with Pro Tools | First, that’s great! We’re looking forward to getting everyone who signed up their download links. In the meantime, Pro Tools | First is rolling out in stages. Since you signed up, you’ll get a follow-up email with download instructions. Thank you for being patient, much appreciated.

    • Wayne

      Weeks? How about months? Jan 24th here. 🙁

      • Appreciate the patience Wayne. Invites are still going out!

      • Johnny George

        I too. I signed up in January. 7 months ago. WHEN WILL I GET AN INVITE?? Why are you rolling it out so slowly? I’m about to say forget it and go with Twisted Wave or someother DAW. I need to get set up ASAP due to a move from the Midwest to the Southwest and I need a DAW for the road. Leaving in 2 weeks.

        • Diana

          You probably should try goggling ‘Studio One Prime’ or ‘Podium Free’. Both work well for what you probably want. Podium has equaled Protools.

    • Jim Robinson

      Some here, months for me too. AND i received emails twice that they are starting to send it to “selected” people who have signed up. What is taking so long?

      • We’re making sure the roll-out is hiccup free by adding folks progressively. Appreciate your patience, Jim. Hope to hear back from you once you’ve tried out Pro Tools | First.

  • Antonio

    The same for me, took months registered with its pre- publication form firts pro -tools . Once they published the version I register with your form to receive download links and I’m still waiting. I just received the mail registration confirmation and no notification more … And friends and acquaintances who have also been recorded have not received news that link . Is this version is real or a marketing campaign to collect email addresses of users? So I wait for Christmas to receive the download link , this will be a good Christmas gift ( : P)

    • It’s as real as it gets, Antonio. And you won’t even have to wait until Christmas. Keep your eyes peeled as more and more invites go out every week.

  • Darryl Willard

    Do we have any updates on this, been looking forward to this and testing it out in our Mac labs, we had some licenses for ProTools 10 but as thats not compatible with OS X Yosemite were anxiously awaiting firsts release. signed up a while ago now with my institutions email address.

  • John Washington

    I may have missed it but could I ask what is going to be the pricing structure for cloud storage, or should I say the ability to store more than three projects at any one time? I’m totally new to music recording, and like most people money: subscriptions is going to be a key issue on whether or not I go down the ProTools route.

    • Hi John, the cloud storage pricing hasn’t yet been announced. Details on that will come after Pro Tools | First has completely rolled out.

      • John Washington

        Thanks Adam,

  • Frank

    Dear Adam,
    I’ve received a ton of practically spam emails from Avid (I’m not going to visit Avid events because I don’t live in the USA) but there was no download link. I’m waiting for MONTHS without any result. Ok, I can understand that you should test software, remove code mistakes, etc, etc. I can understand that. But why you announced Pro Tools First release so early then? Another “smart” move from your marketing department? I don’t know? Maybe you’re waiting for Windows 10 release? Not sure. Unfortunately, all we have to do is to sit quietly and wait for the release day. C’est voila, as they say in France.

    • Hi Frank, I can ask the Marketing Department to suppress your email address from future event emails if you like, just shoot me a note at As far as Pro Tools | First, it’s been shipping for weeks now to groups of folks who signed-up. It’s been first-come, first-serve, so you’re bound to get your download link once your spot in the sign-ups has reached the next round of invites. Appreciate your patience and hope you love PT First as much as we do here!

      • Frank

        Thanks for the reply, Adam, I think it’s not necessary to reduce email sending from Avid, so please, don’t do that. No problem, I can and will wait for the email with download link. Let alone that all of us should thank Avid for free version of real Pro Tools. Just one thing – please add some pictures with Pro Tools installed on Windows machines, because someone can think that it will work only with Mac. Thank you!

        • No problem, Frank. Good point about Windows screen shots. Will work on that.

  • mihajlopopovic

    I’ve signed up on the day it what announced – January 22, but still haven’t got the email with the download link.

  • Digi Rob

    I got the link and downloaded Pro Tools First for Mac. (OS 10.4.4) It never gets past the start up screen. Tried to find some online support for this issue but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • ItsAllGood

      doubt it runs on os 10.4.4 – that OS is 10 years old

      • Digi Rob

        LOL! You are right. That was a typo. Should be OS 10,9,4.

  • ItsAllGood

    downloaded it a few weeks ago. Keep getting error about not having proper permissions when trying to create a new file. Reinstalled etc, fixed permissions, nothing. Can’t even try the thing. wasted a bunch of time on it too! easy enough to delete though. Avid – this thing ain’t ready for prime time.

  • Johnny George

    I signed up in January. 7 months ago. WHEN WILL I GET AN INVITE?? Why are you rolling it out so slowly?

  • Just signed up for this. Hope it doesn’t take too long to get my download link … I see people on here have been waiting a while. Still, I’m very anxious to try Pro Tools out, even though I use many other DAWs. Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking … 🙂

  • Yong S Nam

    I applied for protools first a month ago. but i haven’t got any reply yet.
    How long does it take generally? Do i just wait AVID’s reply?
    or apply again?

    • Mihajlo Popović

      Well, at the current pace of rollout, it might take a couple of years, or as Avid like to call it – soon! 😉

  • Adrian McLaurin

    I signed up back near when it was first announced and still haven’t received the download link. That has been about 7 months. .. is this normal?

  • Jon T. Schweit

    I signed up months ago and still haven’t received a download link or anything. I would love to actually use this if I could

  • David Dellepiane

    Hello there… I also signed up since the release of the announcement
    related to Pro Tools First and nothing yet. I would like to know what

    Thanks a lot.

  • Scott Crocker

    Just got my download link, however, I can’t find the First Guitar Bass Bundle in the marketplace… I really want that sansamp plugin 🙂

  • Rotem Doitcher

    Hi, I also registered on January ans still didn’t get my download link. Please replay asap. Thank you.

  • Kmass-Keith Gray

    I got a email back in may saying my download link is on its way. Still haven’t received it.

  • Piotr Yvanof Mutruzky

    I just watched the intro videos about PT|First. Does PTF also come with a pop filter? 🙁 Guys, what a shameful performance. It is a Tool, it is First. Did you want to demonstrate Pro?

  • Church Deezet

    Avid friends, I checked for a copy of Avid Pro Tools First on 30 January and I haven’t received your download email yet. It is this normal ? Thanks and regards.

  • Clayton Brown

    I’m still waiting for my email to try Pro Tools First. I’ve been waiting now for months for the email to download the PTFirst…I wanted to try it before buying it…I need to make decision soon. Or, do I buy a competitor? Eagerly waiting on News and a response. Is it because I’m in Australia?

    • Diana

      You can try ‘Studio One Prime’ or ‘Podium Free’ until Protools is ready. It might save you time.

  • richard baldwin

    i downloaded pro tools first when i got the link in my email, had a few minor issues with startup and ilok but it i fixed it and it was working fine…now it wont let me sign in or even work offline…it keeps saying at startup invalid url, then a long url and error 118…wtf do i do guys please help!!!

    • Diana

      How long did it take to get the download link?

  • Ken Hatchett

    Pro Tools First? They should have named it “Pro Tools Last”..Because honestly it is the last thing from Avid you will ever want to use, it’s that bad so far.Downloaded 2 days ago and have yet to get it to work. First off, “Pro Tools Not Responding” ( maybe that would be a better name for it)….cause that seems to be the majority of it’s function so far. Expand2 is supposed to be included but when PTF is actually running it says it is not available and asks if you want to go to store to purchase it…there’s another problem, the store will not load so therefor you cannot get Expand2. Cannot hype enough at how disappointed i am with this POS.

    • Tonya Dopieralski

      You are disappointed with everything you touch. It doesn’t matter what it is. The pro tools isn’t the pos, you are

  • MJ

    I have a question for anyone with some experience with this program. How do you set up a Clip List as a sidebar in your project? I can find audio I’ve imported to my Clip List in a Workspace window, but I can’t seem to figure out how to create an accessible sidebar for these clips. I’ve seen it in manuals for this free version, so I know it’s possible… Thanks for any tips!

  • Rap Attack

    After an update today Protools First is too slow in loading and i retarted yosemite. Now it is paused on the load screen and there is no progress.

    Anyone have this issue and got a solution?

  • Moin

    I installed Pro Tools But, When i Launch the Program It Says, Files Could Not Be loaded please contact the software publisher for support using this software. Import DLL WMVcore Cannot be Loaded. i Use Windows 8. Can Anyone Help Me?

  • Charles Bailey


  • Oddessy Willams

    Hey! when I installed pro tools first I didn’t get the included plugins that were suppose to be in the software? can someone help me with that? i’m kinda lost

  • Greg Short

    I would say the support and actual downloadable ‘Pro Tools First’ is a FAIL!!!

  • Wile E. Coli

    It is free because it is complete and total crap. I’ve been using DAWS since the very beginning and this was the worst experience from what is basically a piece of crap. Don’t go near this thing. AVID is a decade behind everyone else.. Even Audacity worked better than this piece of garbage.

  • ed thomas

    If anyone needs pro tools 10 or 12 i have it for $40 😉

  • Robyn Antioco

    Hi, I’m having trouble installing pro tools|first on my hp pavilion g6. When it gets to the last phase on installation, I get an error message saying to contact software publisher or something like that. Does anyone know what I should do? Is my laptop not compatible with pro tools|first?? Someone please help!