NUGEN Audio StereoPack Elements — Instant Access to the Big Sounds Professionals Strive For

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Introducing The NUGEN Audio Stereopack Elements, designed for allowing rapid access to big professional sounds through an effortlessly accessible interface.

Built on the same core technology found in other NUGEN Audio products, NUGEN Audio Elements can be relied upon to easily deliver first class audio right from the start.

Stereoizer Elements – Stereo Enhancement

Stereoizer elements adds instant life, space and interest to your sound, all with the reassurance of rock-solid mono compatibility.

Introduce a feeling of natural space, or push the envelope for  full, super-wide expansion of the stereo image through a highly accessible interface, simultaneously harnessing multiple signature algorithms.

This is achieved by taking elements within the original audio signal and extending and adapting these characteristics using techniques in harmony with the way the human ear perceives sound direction naturally, without adding any artificial reverberation and maintaining the original character of the sound.

We have paid particular attention to the provision of algorithms that induce mono-compatible stereo images, which maintain a great sound even when parts audio is summed to mono, which can easily happen when data compression is used in Music Streaming services, or on big club PA systems.

Monofilter Elements – Bass Management

Anchor the power of your bass. Monofilter elements gives you the freedom to use all your favourite effects (even wide stereo reverb, delays and chorus) without loosing focus and punch in the low end. Monofilter also sounds great on samples and synth parts, helping to provide definition and clarity with ease.

Through the user-friendly controls, Monofilter Elements will quickly anchor the low frequencies, while retaining the character of the original audio.

Monofilter Elements gradually reduces the stereo width of the low frequencies, to centralize the power in the bass without effecting the overall ‘feel’ of the sound, bringing a new solidity to the audio. Monofilter Elements uses the same high quality filter algorithms pioneered in the NUGEN Audio Monofilter plug-in.

Stereoplacer Elements – 21st Century Pan Control

Fix samples and recordings or transform mono sources into stereo. Stereoplacer Elements is designed for the realignment, correction and redistribution of stereo balance by frequency – in other words, you can pan different frequencies without panning the entire track.

Stereoplacer uses high quality filter algorithms, optimised for audio transparency, simply delivering the results of the process without generated coloration. The interface has also been designed for clear operation, removing the link between control and control function with visual representation of many controls in graphical format.


NUGEN Audio quality

All Stereoizer Elements plugins bear the hallmark of NUGEN Audio quality, providing clear real-time visual feedback to enable rapid control choices. Standard utility controls like quick compare session memories and unlimited session undo/redo make it easy to try out ideas and move forward with confidence.


About NUGEN Audio

For more than a decade NUGEN Audio has provided some of the world’s most advanced audio solutions for mixing and mastering. Our customers include many of the most recognised brands and biggest names in music production who rely on the quality and reliability of our plugins every day.

But don’t just take our word for it, NUGEN Audio Elements and other plugins are all available for 14 day demos, so the next time you open up a new ProTools session, make sure to check out our options for enhancing your productions.

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Jon Schorah is a founder and Director of NUGEN Audio, developer of pro-audio plug-ins for Post Production and high end audio applications.