One Click Solution for ‘Vertical Cell Phone Syndrome’ from Boris FX

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Editors working on documentaries and broadcast news dread “vertical cell phone syndrome”. This is what we call amateur video captured in upright, portrait or “selfie” mode.  It imports into Media Composer with thick black pillars, looking poor in a 16×9 HD broadcast.

Last year, editors at some of the major news networks requested that Boris FX create a simple plug-in: to help an editor quickly reformat and creatively stylize vertical cell footage in one simple effect. Hence, BCC Reframer was born.

New in Boris Continuum 10 for Avid Media Composer, BCC Reframer gives Avid editors the ability to quickly upres, reposition, crop and stylize both foreground and background images in one timeline effect without duplicating the layers. Optional filters such as mosaic, blur, glow and sharpen can also be applied to both images making Reframer a useful and timesaving plug-in.

Nathan Ryan

In this quick tutorial, freelance editor Nathan Ryan walks you through the BCC Reframer plug-in, found in the BCC Image Restoration section of your effects.

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Ross Shain is the Chief Product Officer of Boris FX. A former Avid employee, Ross has over 20 years in post-production as an editor, visual effects artist and product designer. In 2013, Ross and three colleagues from Imagineer were awarded a Science & Technology Academy Award for the development of mocha planar tracking software and their contribution to the film industry.