Orad Simplifies Graphics Production and Improves Efficiency for RTL News

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When it came time for RTL News to upgrade their studio and gallery facilities in Hilversum, Netherlands, they decided to transform their graphics capabilities using Orad virtual studio and on-air graphics solutions.

RTL News wanted to keep physical settings within the studio to a minimum, but use large virtual images in both the background and foreground. “We were looking to create a studio with the option of using a group of very large virtual images and graphics to expand the scope of stories or to carry out animations and on-screen explanations,” explains Marc Schreuder, Director of News. “The idea was to frame the news pictures in such a way as to create urgency or explain stories for our viewers.”

Because so many viewers use mobile devices like tablets and iPhones, RTL News wanted their programming to have a similar look and feel—with the ability for presenters to ‘swipe’ to the next image in the story. After intense collaboration between Orad, RTL, and the other vendors involved, the result is a new RTL Studio workflow—including three big virtual green screens and one large frame for augmented content on the 11×20-meter wide studio floor.

During playout, all graphics including virtual studio, augmented reality, full screen graphics, tickers, lower thirds and other graphic elements are under the control of Orad Maestro. The playlist is generated by the Maestro News Producer plugin, embedded within the Avid iNEWS newsroom computer system.

The rundowns are created by dragging and dropping graphic elements into a playlist. Generated by Avid iNEWS, the rundowns are controlled by the Sony ELC studio automation system, which triggers the Maestro-created playlist to air including the information displayed in the virtual background, the augmented reality and on air graphics. This automation also controls camera robotics from Vinten with APS (Absolute Positioning System) and Equipment track hanging in the ceiling.

“Orad simplifies graphics production for changing sets between shows, but also reduces the level of resources required to facilitate complex graphics workflows,” says Hank van de Loo, Manager AV Techniek, RTL Engineering. “The new studio provides viewers with a stunning visual set that is very fluid in terms of graphics presentation. As far as the future is concerned, we are already preparing with Orad for the next generation studio.”

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