The Avid Customer Association Launches Inaugural ACA Vote

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After much collaboration and dedicated effort on behalf of its leadership, the ACA has announced the launch of the inaugural ACA Vote. As Avid’s Chief Product Officer, I am excited to share my thoughts on this momentous milestone that Avid and the ACA have reached in engaging and considering the voices of each and every one of you — our industry-leading customers.

Since it began three years ago, the Avid Customer Association (ACA) has truly become an established and thriving organization — thanks to the diligent leadership from our customers and tremendous membership growth. It has been a privilege for me personally to be involved with the executive board of directors and a number of the advisory councils. The ACA’s contributions to date towards the Avid Everywhere vision have helped deliver the industry’s most innovative, open platform that is helping shape the future of the media industry.

This vote will be a key way in which the ACA will collect information from the community to inspire our strategic direction at Avid. The candidates on the ACA Vote ballot encompass our products, solutions, strategic direction and emerging areas – and your vote will help ensure Avid is delivering solutions that help solve the most critical issues, as well as support what is most important to our members and their business requirements.

The goal of the ACA is and always has been to build a deeper partnership and closer collaboration between Avid and its customers so that together we can reshape the direction of the industry and help solve the most pressing challenges that our community is facing.

On behalf of the entire product and platform team at Avid, we are sincerely looking forward to getting as much participation in this vote as possible. We look forward to adjusting our roadmaps and future launches based on the feedback we receive from this crucial vote.

The ACA invites its current and new members to vote in this unique opportunity. Avid and the ACA Executive Board have put a lot of time and thought behind this vote — and we hope you can invest the time to help us move forward together by voting.

The power of your participation means continuing to expand the possibilities for ourselves and our industry.

Your vote is your voice; we hope you share yours today!

Participate in the Inaugural ACA Vote

Shape the direction of Avid’s future solutions. Share your voice and expand the possibilities today. Round 1:  Dec 5, 2016 – Jan 27, 2017.


I'm a long-time veteran at Avid, with more than 20 years of extensive product management, business development, and marketing experience in the media industry. Currently, I'm the Chief Product Officer and oversee product management, segment and product marketing, and program management for the company.