Multi-Platinum and GRAMMY® Winning Mixer Mick Guzauski on Avid S6

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I recently had the opportunity to sit with legendary mixer Mick Guzauski just after we gave him a demonstration on the all-new Avid S6 control surface. Mick shared his thoughts on why he thinks mixing in Pro Tools “is essential” with its “instantaneous recall” saying the Avid S6 “really complements the way I like to work”. Here’s Mick’s thoughts on digital mixing and workflows in the industry today.

In my book, Mick is considered a mixing guru. He has mixed some of my favorite tracks and those mixes have stood the test of time. He remains completely relevant today with the recent mixes of the multi-platinum hit from Daft Punk this year. He’s also a great guy and easy to talk with! I look forward to hearing his creations with Avid S6 and Pro Tools HDX.

Multi-Platinum and GRAMMY® Winning Mixer Mick Guzauski on Avid S6 Control Surface

My impressions of S6? I want one!! I want it now!

BTW, Avid S6 is coming soon—be sure to contact us to see how S6 can help streamline your workflow and to pre-order your own surface.

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