Pro Tools | S6 Software Version 1.4 Update Now Available

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Pro Tools | S6 version 1.4 is now available and has several key workflow enhancements requested by owners and beta testers including:

  • Expand Mode Improvements of EQ and DYN Knob Sets –all EQ and Dynamics plug-ins are now unified and map more efficiently to the S6 Knob (32 knobs) or Process Modules (8 knobs) in Expand mode. All EQ and DYN plug-ins map to the same knobs when EQ or DYN functions are expanded.
  • An overall simplification of Input and Output assignments (including multiple assignments from the channel strip and or the Master Module.
  • New Automation Trim Metering/indication on the right LED meter next to the fader. While editing an existing Trim pass, the Right meter lights LEDs above or below 0 to indicate the underlying Trim value.
  • New Automation Write indication on the right LED meter next to the fader for any other mode than Trim (like Latch or Touch) to indicate the underlying automation value, making it easier to find the match out point.
  • A new Auto-Bank preference that allows the user to define banking for a selected track (selecting the track on the Master Module Track Matrix, or selecting in Pro Tools/EUCON DAW, or pressing a channel select switch on the surface). The options are no banking following a selection, bank only if not visible on the surface or always bank.
  • For Fader Modules and the Attention Track on the Automation Module new Strips preferences include the ability to link/unlink strip Select and Attention states, show or hide track numbers from the DAW, and manage how control values are displayed on strips when adjusting parameters.
  • The Send/Insert Knobs Reversed setting introduced in S6 software v1.3 has been enhanced to also control how Input and Bus knobs appear on Knob modules. (The Sends/Insert/Input/Bus Knobs Reversed preference lets you configure Knob Modules to display slots in either of two ways, “a–j” or“j–a” making them top-bottom or bottom-top).
  • A preference for 5 –Knob strips to reverse the Function Pages. This new setting lets you configure Knob Module function views to display parameters in their default order, or “reversed” from their factory mapping. For example, enable Reverse Function Pages for 5-Knob Strips to have EQ plug-in parameters start with low frequency parameters instead of high.
  • Home Screen settings allowing the user to configure your first and second default function views (like Pan, EQ, etc.) and knob layout focus as well as how long the function graphs are displayed on the Touchscreen. This allows the user to map their favorite controls to default to the left and right knob-sets. If that EQ is not available on that channel then a Backup Function/Knob Page Settings option is available to be mapped like panning.
  • Auto Show the Function Graph on knob touch (like EQ or Pan) setting customization between 0 and 5 seconds.
  • You can now use switches on the Master Module to page functions and focus the touchscreen knobs on different parameters. When the Master Module ‘Shift’ switch is held down, the four switches at the bottom left and right of the touchscreen enter Page mode as indicated by their LEDs lighting purple.
  • New Auto Talkback options are available for the user. First – when “Auto Talkback” is enabled and the transport is not playing or recording, the talkback is automatically engaged. Second – “Enable Surface Talkback Latching” preference allows the Talkback switch to operate in a Latching mode if held down for less than half a second. Thirdly – when using remote talkback “Enable GPI Talkback Latching” allows the remote user the ability to latch talkback if held down for less than half a second.
  • Previously for S6 users in Asian countries, they could have Pro Tools sessions with Asian Language characters (in Pro Tools) but the S6 surface would only display English characters. Now there is a preference to display all names in Asian Characters on the surface.
  • New Progress Indicators for Session Load and Workstation Connect- Progress indicators appear on the touchscreen when loading sessions and connecting to workstations.
  • New System Status graph style indicators to see system performance.


Version 1.4 is available starting February 10th and installs EUCON 3.5.3 and requires Pro Tools HD 11.3.1 (For Pro Tools users to get all of the new enhancements). It is available at no charge to all users.

Marketing manager for Avid Post Audio and Pro Mixing, I am also a veteran engineer/recordist/editor. I've worked on music scores for dozens of feature films, including Ice Age, Collateral, and The Spirit.


  1. Richard 3 years ago

    Would love to see some of this implemented in the next update.

    -focus EQ like on d-command (I like the layout of EQ expand but it would be nice to lock those in place and have them apply to the current plugin that is open.)
    -easier access to secondary EQ and graph on master module (I believe in its current form you cannot see the graph of a secondary EQ)
    -wheel to move cursor up and down tracks
    -fast forward and rewind latch on transport control (like d-command)
    – EQ curve disappears from track displays when in expand mode. Redundant information on track display and knobs
    – no visual indication that a track is muted when another track is in solo (d-command had blinking mute buttons)
    -an easy way to insert/rearrange a channel in the middle of a layout instead of removing and then re-adding to get the correct order
    -highlight in timecode display to show something is being entered (invert the colors so the background is yellow)
    -no save session in hot Keys? (only save session as…)

  2. Gil Gowing 3 years ago

    My name is Gil Gowing. I am an Audio Solution Specialist for Avid and have quite a bit of experience on S6. Here are comments to a couple of the items below.

    -wheel to move cursor up and down tracks

    If you mean move the cursor along the timeline, then this available with the wheel and move selection command selected. If you want to move the cursor to different tracks, then the easiest way to do this is with the select switches either on the tracks or tracks page on the master module.

    -no save session in hot Keys? (only save session as…)
    The save session soft key is in the bottom right corner of the right soft key panel on the automation module. If you want to have the save session soft key somewhere else, it is really simple to change with the soft key editor (available since v1.2).

    The others are great suggestions and will be evaluated for future versions of the software. Thanks for posting!


    Gil Gowing
    Manager, Pro Audio Solution Specialists

    • Richard 3 years ago

      Thanks Gil. The last mix I did on the S6 was in December, not sure if the firmware was up to date. I will be working on one again the next few weeks and will try your suggestions and check out the other new features in the update.

      With regards to the wheel I was referring to moving the selection cursor from the current track to the above or below track. If this was a selectable function on the hot keys it could make it easy to 1) move the cursor to the target track (even if the fader for that track is 10 ft away from you) then 2) make a horizontal selection. I hadn’t thought to use the tracks page on the MM.

      Anyway, Thanks for writing back!

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