Introducing Pro Tools 12.1—Record Your Heart Out with Powerful Recording Workflows and Even More Tracks.

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Was it just 3 months ago we launched Pro Tools 12? Spring has flown by and we’re already back to announce the release of Pro Tools 12.1, available today worldwide. This release kicks off the new software release cycle that comes with the new flexible licensing plans, which promises frequent ongoing feature and stability updates. Artists and audio pros get more capability, advanced recording workflows and greater stability than ever with Pro Tools 12.1. Here’s a quick look at what’s new in this release.

Go bigger and get advanced features

Rehearse and record more easily with track input monitoring. Dial in cue mixes in a snap by copying fader settings to sends. Create bigger mixes with support for up to 128 simultaneous audio tracks. Expand your musical creativity further with support for up to 512 instrument tracks. Solo tracks in PFL (pre-fader listen) or AFL (after-fader listen) mode for optimal recording.

Add HEAT to your mix

Got Pro Tools | HD Native? Now you can get the warmth and sonic characteristics of an analog console “in the box.” Our HEAT add-on option can now be run natively in Pro Tools | HD, enabling you to achieve the unmistakable sound of prized vintage gear in your mixes—without the expense or upkeep.

Stability improvements

Pro Tools 12.1 includes updates for AudioSuite, Bounce, Delay Compensation, Editing, Audio and Video Engines, I/O Setup, MIDI, and Satellite workflows to further improve stability.

Pricing and availability

Pro Tools 12.1 is available today, June 30th, at no charge for all customers who have an active Avid upgrade plan. Customers who own older versions of Pro Tools can upgrade to the latest version and receive the next 12 months of upgrades included.

We’re very excited about this release and the start to our frequent ongoing feature and stability updates for Pro Tools 12. If you have any questions about Pro Tools 12.1 release or Pro Tools 12 in general, join us in the Pro Tools 12 Forum on Avid Pro Audio Community. Thanks for choosing Pro Tools!

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  • Clayton Brown

    As a voice artist in Australia. Voicing, recording and editing is a pre requisite to be able to work remote from home or in other studios. I’ve used Pro Tools but now I get to play with Pro ToolsIFirst before I decide to pay a a monthly fee or by it outright. So much to learn on the way!

    • Hi Clayton, I’m not sure how deep your Pro Tools skills run, but thought I share with you this learning resource, just in case. Check out our ‘Get Started Fast with Pro Tools’ free video tutorial series right here on Avid Blogs:

      • Clayton Brown

        Hi Adam, Thank you for your kindness! Yes limited but I’m aware of different versions. I will more than likely expand to to buying the full version in time. I’m lucky to have an Avid learning facility in my home city at 90 Degrees Studio which I will further my knowledge. I am excited for the projects I will be able to build. I look forward to Pro Tools First….Thank you again Adam.

  • George Pinto

    So what exactly are the Stability improvements? Can you advise what was actually fixed? Thank you

  • disquade

    Adam thanks for this article. Just a quick concern about PT 12.1, please how do I get to use the newly added input monitoring. In my I/O setup, I assigned monitoring to a stereo bus on my interface, audition to another stereo bus and PFL/AFL to another stereo bus; yet when I am recording audio with Track input enabled, I still don’t hear the monitoring through the assigned bus. Did I do anything wrong? Any links to detailed explanation about this new feature will also be helpful. Thanks.

  • Simon Li

    PT seriously needs hardware update…better AD/DAs are needed on the Avid interface and PCIe is long dead. No one likes to add an expensive and noisy Magma to their HD rig. Let’s move to rackmount module with ThunderBolt. How hard could it be to make a PCIe to TB adapter and stick a DSP card inside a rackmount module? Sometimes I wish Avid goes brankrupt and someone buys it and redevelop PT all over again.

  • Chris Coulter

    I can’t seem to find the HEAT add on option anywhere in the Avid store? The link that you have provided goes to the HEAT page and I’ve clicked the buy button but it links to a blank page in the store.????

  • Noah Noah

    Don’t buy HEAT from Avid. You can get it on ebay for about $100 – $150

  • Martin Quinn

    I wouldn’t be emphasising HEAT so much. Lots and lots of harmonic distortion plugins out there on the market

    • Of course we’re a bit partial to HEAT, but no doubt there are lots of plug-in options. Which do you prefer that are similar to HEAT, Martin?

  • pat

    So let’s see: Apple updates to version 10.1 with new features and sounds (region automation, new drummers, etc) and charges nothing. Apple then recently updated to 10.2 and we get a new synth and a lot of bug fixes / stability enhancements.
    On the other side: Pro Tools 12. No new software features. Then 12.1: some more tracks added. stability improved.

    Conclusion: wow. Way to go, avid. Way to go back to what made your software great…

  • Kevin Alves

    Still wont add a save function for plugin chains! WOW every other DAW has this by now. Come on Avid!