Reduce Lighting Flicker with BCC Flicker Fixer in Media Composer

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What the flicker? While gritty fluorescent lighting might be a stylistic choice for some horror or art films, footage with noticeable flickering lights or exposure shifts can unintentionally brand your project an amateur production.

Although lighting might appear “continuous” to the human eye on set, some combinations of frame rate and shutter speed actually accentuate high frequency pulses of light. Other annoying flicker issues can be caused when camera operators shoot with auto-exposure settings enabled. Thankfully, there are simple plug-in tools designed for Avid editors to quickly fix these unwanted problems.

BCC Flicker Fixer from Boris FX is a simple to use plug-in designed to eliminate flicker from source footage. In this short tutorial, freelance editor Nathan Ryan walks you through various tips and tricks for quickly fixing flickering footage inside Avid Media Composer. Understanding the settings can help achieve a quick result:

  • Frame Analysis (use on clips that have full frame flickering)
  • Temporal Smoothing (when only specific areas of the image are flickering)

BCC Flicker Fixer is included with Boris Continuum Complete 10 plug-ins or available as part of the BCC Image Restoration Unit. View the BCC Flicker Fixer online documentation.

For more information and more training videos, please visit Boris FX.

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Ross Shain is the Chief Product Officer of Boris FX. A former Avid employee, Ross has over 20 years in post-production as an editor, visual effects artist and product designer. In 2013, Ross and three colleagues from Imagineer were awarded a Science & Technology Academy Award for the development of mocha planar tracking software and their contribution to the film industry.