Remove Objects and Be a Masking Wizard with BCC 10 Plug-Ins Powered by mocha

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As many editors know, ‘Fix it in Post’ is a now daily occurrence in post-production. Some of the powerful new tools in newly released Boris Continuum Complete 10 plug-ins were designed to help Avid editors complete challenging fixes inside Media Composer.

In this new tutorial Boris FX product specialist, Mary Poplin, shows how to use new BCC 10 plug-ins to remove an unwanted sign in the background and then mask and composite the foreground back on top—without leaving the Media Composer timeline.

This video tutorial features:

  • Remove and clone with BCC Remover
  • Mask tracking with integrated mocha tools

mocha’s Academy Award winning planar tracking and masking tools are now accessible inside almost every BCC 10 filter. Check out BCC 10 today and start ‘Fixing it in Post’. Learn more about Boris Continuum Complete and its powerful mocha tools.

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Ross Shain is the Chief Product Officer of Boris FX. A former Avid employee, Ross has over 20 years in post-production as an editor, visual effects artist and product designer. In 2013, Ross and three colleagues from Imagineer were awarded a Science & Technology Academy Award for the development of mocha planar tracking software and their contribution to the film industry.