Removing Unwanted Objects with Mocha Pro and Media Composer

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We’ve all been there. You’re sent a clip only to see something unexpected in the shot — a light fixture, wires or a crew member to name a few. But you have to use that shot. Technical challenges happen. And it’s up to us to “fix it in post.”

Typically as Avid editors, we might send the footage out to a VFX company to remove the unwanted element. But why do that when we can do advanced fixes with 3rd party plug-ins and stay inside Media Composer.

The Mocha Pro 5 plug-in introduces an advanced effects workflow into your Avid timeline. You can easily remove objects without having the added extra step of sending it out & waiting for it to come back to use it in the project. Bonus points if you’re cutting down on overall costs by doing so.

In this short tutorial, I’ll show how you can remove a mic boom in 3 quick steps using Mocha Pro’s planar tracking and amazing Remove Module inside Avid Media Composer.

The Remove Module uses Mocha’s Academy Award-winning planar motion tracking and “temporal frames” to automatically remove unwanted objects. It’s just one of the many tools inside Mocha Pro that removes (get it?) everyday post and VFX obstacles from your daily to-do list. Visit Boris FX to learn more about Mocha Pro.

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Mary Poplin is a Product Specialist for Imagineer Systems/Boris FX. An experienced visual effects and motion graphics artist, Mary has worked on major Hollywood feature films such as The Last Airbender, Gullivers Travels, and Jackass 3D. As West Coast Product Specialist, Mary consults with film studios and customers to provide hands on training to help evangelize the power of Mocha and planar tracking. Before joining Imagineer Systems, Mary held creative production positions at Stereo D, Cafe FX and Barnyard.