A Rookie’s Experience of Avid Connect

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Hello. My name is Noah Kovalick and I’m a senior Film Production student with an emphasis in audio at Chapman University, Dodge College in sunny Orange, CA. I heard about Avid Connect while volunteering at the 2017 NAMM Show in Anaheim. During that show, I had the opportunity to meet many talented individuals who were at the top of their game. This was my first experience working with, and networking with established industry professionals and it was both educational and rewarding. I also had the chance to re-connect with some friends from high school who are aspiring recording artists.

During NAMM I spoke with audio engineers and learned more of the industry lexicon and got valuable advice on how to avoid common rookie mistakes. For example, they gave me real-life examples of the importance of naming tracks and keeping a recording session organized to make it easy for a collaborator to seamlessly hop on board. I also learned about how multiple backups of a session can save your life-or at least your professional life!

Then came Avid Connect in Las Vegas, NV. This the first time I had ever been to Las Vegas and I was blown away! I got chills when I pulled up to the hotel and saw the larger-than-life screen outside of the hotel announcing “Wynn Las Vegas Welcomes Avid to Las Vegas and to Avid Connect 2017” compelling me to immediately take a selfie to share with all my friends and family!

On registration day, I saw a lot of familiar faces from NAMM and immediately felt welcomed. I made sure that I arrived early to the breakfast to mingle and talked with other like-minded individuals. It was easy to make acquaintances and friends with fellow sound designers and they immediately started sharing tips and tricks on how to improve my workflow, and we also discussed the latest technologies.

At the time, I was taking my Introduction to Audio course at Dodge and I was already starting to learn about technologies like the phantom effect when mixing sound. I had the opportunity to attend the Sound Mixing session and I dove right into the group and began asking others what they worked on, and what tips they had for students like me. I loved hearing the stories about how people got into what is an extremely competitive but rewarding industry. I learned a lot about 5.1 mixing. One professional I met told me about the time they had an ambulance go by during a recording session and instead of doing another take or Dialogue Replacement, they just removed the unwanted sirens using noise reduction plug-ins and I was amazed.

Avid Connect brought so many amazing professionals together. Being one of the few students at the event was a little daunting at first, but everyone had so much knowledge to share and they were happy to provide advice. After speaking with them I became more comfortable and the networking was effortless. I am extremely excited to come back in 2018 with my rookie year behind me, to learn even more, make new connections and build on the professional relationships I made last year.

After hearing about my Avid Connect experience, some of my audio friends from Dodge will also attend this year, and I’m sure that they will enjoy this great experience as much as I did.  I hope to see you there, too!

Avid Connect 2018

Join industry leaders as they come together to experience the cutting-edge and prepare for the year ahead. Be there to strengthen your skills, network with collaborators and to try new tools and technologies.

April 6 – 8 │ Wynn Las Vegas

I’m a Senior Film Production student with an emphasis in audio at Chapman University Dodge College in Orange, CA. Some people might also know me as DJ XRAY