Save Over 50% On Metric Halo Plug-ins in Avid Marketplace

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Every good engineer or producer knows that the mixing process can make or break a track. But getting a great mix takes more than just twisting a couple of knobs and moving a few faders. If you want to give your tracks a professional shine and make them jump out of the speakers, you need the right set of tools.

Metric Halo plug-ins provide a suite of powerful, straightforward mixing tools that will help you deliver studio-quality mixes with stunning clarity. And for a limited time, you can save over 50% on world-class Metric Halo plug-ins in the Avid Marketplace.

With tools for virtually every mixing need, Metric Halo has you covered. Add air to vocals. Bring out detail in audio samples. Or add weight to rhythm tracks with multi-band dynamic effects and peak limiting. Bring new dimension to your mix with versatile verbs and delay. And give your projects additional character with analog modeling and channel-strip processing found only on large-format consoles.

There are eight stand-alone plug-ins, and one complete production bundle to choose from. All at incredible value.


  • ChannelStrip 3 brings the signal processing of large format consoles to your desktop. Enjoy comprehensive parametric EQ, compression, and limiting in one plug-in—complete with spot-on metering and spectrum analysis.
  • Add the warmth and color of analog gear to your mix with Character, featuring 20 presets that model your favorite analog mic pres, DIs, and EQ.
  • Create classic tape delay, or gritty futuristic textures with DirtyDelay—the feedback delay that gives you detailed control over every aspect of your sound.
  • HaloVerb delivers authentic flexible reverbs with an intuitive interface and extensive presets that create rich presence for your tracks.
  • Multiband Dynamics is the three-band compressor that shapes the timbre of your mix, bringing clarity, warmth, and punch to your sound.
  • Control instrument noise that adds unwanted mud to your mix with Multiband Expander. A three-band, frequency-sensitive expander with integrated spectrum analysis and intuitive controls that help you zero in frequencies and suppress problematic noise.
  • Precision DeEsser—the name says it all. Smooth vocal sibilance with clean, surgical accuracy. Monitor five points of the processing chain so you can listen to and adjust exactly what is (and isn’t) being removed from your vocal track.
  • Bring out gorgeous detail in your mix with Sophisticated dynamic processing that gives you control over the attack, sustain, and decay of your tracks.

Take your mix to the next level with any one of these stand-alone audio tools. Or get the Metric Halo Production Bundle and save big on the entire suite of studio-quality plug-ins. Don’t wait—this special offer on universally acclaimed plug-ins from Metric Halo is only available for a limited time in the Avid Marketplace.

Save Over 50% on Metric Halo Plug-ins

Bring legendary clarity, level, and detail to your music with powerful Metric Halo plug-ins—over 50% off for a limited time.


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