Own Pro Tools? Add Premium I/O and Get 2 Years of Free Upgrades.

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Back in the day, personal recording studios left a lot to be desired. From lo-fi 4-track cassette recorders to finicky ADAT machines, creating professional tracks at home was challenging. Luckily, the world of the personal studio has come a long way.

With Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet, you get a powerful and portable music creation system that provides everything you need to create incredible studio-quality recordings—anywhere. And now, you can upgrade your I/O and stay current with the industry’s most powerful DAW. For a limited time, you can buy a Pro Tools | Duet or Pro Tools | Quartet, you get two years of Pro Tools software upgrades free.*


  • Create highly detailed, studio-quality recordings up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution
  • Sound your best with exceptionally clean, world-class mic preamps
  • Get incredible warmth and clarity with legendary Apogee audio conversion
  • Collaborate with others worldwide using Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools
  • Monitor every aspect of your mix with bright, full-color metering

For singer/songwriters and loop-based musicians, Pro Tools | Duet gives you everything you need to turn those ideas in your head into pro-quality productions. Connect your favorite gear and create and mix your music with ease. It’s the perfect package to showcase your talent and create amazing tracks that stand out from the crowd.

Pro Tools | Quartet is designed for musicians and audio post pros, delivering unprecedented power and flexibility to create and mix dynamic music projects, movie or TV soundtracks, and much more. Featuring an advanced collection of inputs and outputs, Pro Tools | Quartet gives you the versatility you need to connect your entire studio and create a powerful studio setup.


* Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet include a Pro Tools activation card. If you do not own Pro Tools, you can use the card to activate a 1-year Subscription license. If you own Pro Tools and have an Annual Upgrade Plan, you can use this card to extend your upgrade plan for an additional two years.

Save Big On Pro Tools With Pro Tools | Duet & Quartet

Keep you studio on the cutting-edge of audio production—buy Pro Tools | Duet or Quartet today and get two years of free Pro Tools upgrades.


As an audio engineer and artist, I’ve recorded, mixed, prepped and cued for live broadcast, infomercials, radio, books on tape, and have done audio postproduction and scores. Since starting with Digidesign in 1996 I’ve had various roles in sales and marketing and today I serve as the product and solution marketing director at Avid. I love playing guitar and the art of making magic in the studio and while I currently don’t work in the field, I still make time for making music.