Secrets That Will Help Improve your Recording and Mixing Skills

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We’ve been there just like so many … thousands of times. You’re trying to create music you’ll be proud to play for others but you’re stumped as to what’s not right.

How do you get those incredibly detailed guitar tones, or fat synth sounds? How do you get your drums to have impact and clarity? Why does the vocal have a harsh quality to it and it’s just not sitting in the mix right? Why does my mix sound totally different (and wrong) when I take it out of my studio?

We have answers to all these questions and more, and it took a long long time to figure it out. Don’t learn all this the hard way like we did because it really sucked and took way too long.

We at Secrets of the Pros have teamed up with Avid to bring you an incredible recording and mixing video training series that will elevate your skills to the next level.

This comprehensive series will show you some of the most common techniques used to make your favorite records, and show you exactly how to use these same techniques on your music, in your studio!

Within this affordable training series, you will:

  • Improve your mixing skills with dozens of classic & modern techniques
  • See and hear the methods used to craft great tones
  • Improve your ability to record a quality sounding track
  • Learn to create your music faster with MIDI and Virtual Instruments
  • See why your mixes sound different outside your studio

If you are familiar with Pro Tools, you already know that it is powerful software, but that it can also be confusing and complex to understand – especially for beginner to mid-level users. For this reason, it is extremely important that you seek quality instruction that will thoroughly breakdown the process of how to use the software, in the context of creating, recording, and mixing your music. With Secret of The Pros – that is exactly what you can expect.

Recording and mixing can be extremely fun, but too often there comes these points where you get stuck … and frustrated. We know because it took us decades to get past that. This series will show you how to smoothly flow from a raw idea to a finished mix that you’ll be proud of. There are many techniques commonly used by those big, fancy, and famous producers & engineers in the audio world, and the amazing thing about Pro Tools is that you can use the exact same techniques on your music.

You use to need to rent out a super expensive studio, and have a team of people all there and working hard to make a great sounding record. Now you can do all of this at home … it’s really a fantastic time to be making music.

Over several decades we at Secret of The Pro’s worked with a long list of the best Producers, Engineers, and Artists. With that experience we put together this series of videos to show you the way the “pros” make your favorite records, and then packed it all into a fun to watch series you’ll enjoy. This series has achieved endorsements from 4 Multi-Grammy Award winning producers and has been highly recommended by many hobbyists who had game changing results after watching the training.

“The guys at Secrets of the Pros are first-rate recording engineers. Plus, they know how to explain all this stuff and make it easy to understand.”

—Benny Rietveld, Music Director for Santana, 11x Grammy Award Winner, Composer, Bass Player, Producer Santana, Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, Sheila E

We’ve always guaranteed our training and since 2004 we can say that not one person has asked for their money back. Instead we have a long list of die-hard followers … and we’re extremely proud of that. Helping people learn all this stuff that took us forever to figure out makes us feel good every day.

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Ken originally learned recording to make demos for his band so they could play in clubs. He stayed in the Audio Production field and ended up working with some of the biggest names in music industry. For almost three decades now he’s continued to expand his knowledge of the audio field. Credits include: Metallica, Santana, John Lee Hooker, Booker T Jones, Neil Young, Skywalker Sound