Show Your Audience Something New with 4Designer 1.2

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Immersive imagery covering your set that puts your news anchors in the middle of the story. Beautiful graphs that give your audience a snapshot of financial news. Interactive charts that display the weather at a glance. This is 3D authoring for broadcast. And it gives your coverage a captivating visual edge.

Avid 4Designer real-time graphic authoring software can redefine your entire production environment, and we’re excited to announce that the newest version is now available. With 4Designer 1.2, we’ve updated the user interface, added new features, and delivered workflow improvements to help you create higher-quality broadcasts, faster.

Want to add beautiful data visualization to your coverage? 4Designer 1.2 includes a new Line Graph Wizard to easily create and render financial data, the weather, and even crime statistics into compelling charts and graphs—all in moments. Need to give context to the location of your story? With support for 3D maps from WorldMapper, broadcasters can show the location of a moving weather front. Or fly over a city to show the cross streets of a current event with dynamic 3D maps in their scenes.

Plus, we’ve added new geometry modifiers, so you can create with the reaches of your imagination, designing every detail of geometric elements. Create completely new visual elements as branding for your set, or as an aid to a unique story. Then easily change or modify any element on the fly without rendering.

4Designer 1.2 is Now Available

Captivate and enlighten viewers and make your broadcast stand apart from your competition with 4Designer 1.2.



As Senior Solution Marketing Manager for Broadcast at Avid, I am proud to bring captivating sports and graphic solutions to the broadcast market.