Simplify 4K and Save $400 on Avid Artist | DNxIO Hardware

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More and more movies, television shows, and video productions are being shot in high-res formats. 4K isn’t the future—it’s the new industry standard. Unfortunately, the massive file sizes that accompany 4K can bog your system and bring productivity to a crawl. In order to stay on the cutting-edge of production and get the work you want, you need powerful I/O hardware that can accelerate 4K workflows—from ingest to delivery.

Avid Artist | DNxIO is a powerful, professional video I/O interface designed to simplify and accelerate your entire HD and high-res workflow. Artist | DNxIO makes it easy to create and deliver rich, detailed media in the highest quality imaginable, from first ingest to final output. You can work with HD, 2K, Ultra HD and 4K video, with support for frame rates up to 60 fps.

Artist | DNxIO comes jam-packed with a wide array of analog and digital connections—it can be used with just about every camera, deck, display, and device you have or want. Plus, with support for a growing list of Avid and third-party media tools, you can integrate Artist | DNxIO into your existing production environment. And when you bundle DNxIO with new Media Composer 8.5, the sky is the limit.

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your hardware—this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. From now until June 30th, you can save $400 on Artist | DNxIO as standalone hardware or bundled with industry-standard Media Composer software.


• Create and deliver rich media in the highest quality imaginable—from ingest to output

• Get seamless integration with third-party software and create with your favorite tools

• Edit massive 4K files faster and more easily using the built-in hardware encoder

Artist | DNxIO and Media Composer


Artist | DNxIO  and Media Composer Academic


Artist DNxIO with Media Composer 8.0 for Dongle


Artist DNxIO with Media Composer 8.0 EDU for Dongle


Artist | DNxIO  and Media Composer Annual Subscription (2 years)


Artist | DNxIO  and Media Composer Annual Subscription Academic Institutions (2 years)


Artist | DNxIO Standalone


Nitris DX or Mojo DX Trade-In for Artist | DNxIO


Special Offer Ends June 30th

Ready to boost efficiency across your entire HD and high-res workflow? Take advantage of this special offer and get Artist | DNxIO today.

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