Sound Your Best with Pro Tools 12.7 — Now Available

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At Avid, we’re committed to keeping Pro Tools at the top of its game. We’re passionate about audio and keeping Pro Tools on the cutting edge so it can empower you to be your most creative. Whether you’re an artist, producer, engineer or filmmaker, your challenges are constantly evolving so there are always new ways for us to help you achieve your best creative work—and to get there faster than ever before.

In the past year, we’ve introduced a steady stream of new features and workflows for mixing and editing. We expanded touch screen mixing workflows with the free Pro Tools | Control for iOS and iPad. We pushed the world’s leading audio editing tools even further with layered editing, clip transparency, Clip Effects, comprehensive commit and freeze, and playlist improvements. We brought you amazing new plug-in effects like Ibanez Tube Screamer and Leslie cab emulators to give your tracks incredible feel. And now with Avid Cloud Collaboration, we’ve empowered you to record, edit, and mix with others like they’re in the same room—from anywhere in the world. And there’s so much more…

But we’re not finished.

Today we’re excited to announce that Pro Tools 12.7 now available. In this latest release, the focus is on music creation. Inspired moments can come from hearing a new sound or killer beat that lights up your creativity. And other times, when inspiration hits you need some backing tracks to quickly bring that idea to life. That’s why Pro Tools 12.7 now comes packed with 2GB of the freshest loops from the industry’s top sound designers at Loopmasters. And not only that. We’re introducing Soundbase—a lightning-fast way to browse and experiment with new sounds using descriptive tags.

At Avid, we’re committed to constant development. We know that Pro Tools is never finished. There are always new ways to help producers, engineers, and filmmakers achieve their best creative work—and to get there faster than ever before.

Pro Tools 12 has been our most powerful version of Pro Tools. We expanded your creativity to touch surfaces beyond your computer with Pro Tools | Control for iOS and iPad. We made it easier to give your tracks incredible feel with access to all-new plug-ins like Ibanez Tube Screamer, and Leslie cab emulators. Your editing has never been faster, with more control over fade curves, and smarter tools like batch fades, track freeze, and clip transparency. And now you can collaborate with anyone. Anywhere. Avid Cloud Collaboration lets you record, edit, and mix with others like they’re right in the studio with you—from anywhere in the world. And there’s so much more…



Want to drop a funk guitar riff into your dub-step breakdown? Have a perfect synth sound that’s begging for a slow trip-hop groove? Need a killer keyboard loop to inspire the foundation for a new song? Simply browse your new sample library using Soundbase by clicking the tags that describe the genre, instrument, time signature or other descriptions and get the perfect results lightning fast. You can even custom-tag your favorite sounds however you like. Plus, you can experiment and audition these new sounds right from the new Workspace pane without changing your session.

Revision History

But what if you decide to try out a new direction for your song or soundtrack? Maybe change the arrangement to keep the energy up or sync to an alternate picture cut. Or try a different balance and build for the mix. We’ve got you covered there, too. Pro Tools 12.7 now offers Revision History. Now you can explore creative options within your project without needing to Save As or Command + Z every time you want to try something new. Revision History keeps track of your every creative angle. So you can experiment, share, take notes, and then jump back in to other versions of your project at any time. Completely non-destructively.

Here are just a few of the new features in Pro Tools 12.7:


• Get inspired with a 2GB cutting-edge sound library curated by top producers

• Explore and find the right loops and samples fast with Soundbase

• Easily audition sounds, instruments, and ideas from the new Workspace pane

• Experiment with new directions for your session and quickly explore your full range of ideas with Revision History


When you need complete sonic freedom to reach your creative peak, Pro Tools is the audio workstation that keeps. getting. better. And with Pro Tools 12.7, we’ve worked to give you tools essential to your workflow. And it’s available however how you want them—as a low-cost subscription or as a permanent perpetual license. The choice is yours.


Be inspired. Start sounding your best. Get Pro Tools 12.7 today.

Create. Collaborate. Be Heard.

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