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Avid recently took part in an invitation-only event hosted by SportsPro magazine. The SP Talks series of exclusive events focus on the challenges facing technical areas of the sports industry, and aim to provide solutions.

Guillaume Godet, Avid’s director of sports sales for EMEA, took part in the discussion on ‘broadcast technology and the growth of OTT’. With over 25 years’ experience in helping broadcasters and sports organisations to maximise assets, and attract and retain sports fan by implementing innovative broadcast technology solutions, he had lots to offer on the subject.

Changing the game – The future of technology

It’s no secret that the technology of tomorrow will change the game for content owners, enabling sports storytellers to connect with audiences for deeper levels of engagement across distributed platforms.

To enable this, some key trends need to be considered. Firstly, big data is changing, and how this will change the games themselves is a great opportunity for rights and content holders. Secondly, organisations need to understand how to achieve deeper fan engagement and the role technology can play in retaining sports fans.

Tomorrow’s sports experience will still centre on live broadcasts, but the way live broadcasts are consumed is changing. A new echo system based around how fans consume live sports on traditional and smart TVs, through mobile devices, and over the internet is emerging, and personalisation will play a bigger part in fan engagement than it does already.

Broadcasters and content owners are already getting to grips with personalisation, enabling statistics, multi-camera angles and replay selections to be tailored to consumers’ preferences. However, to retain and attract sports fans, more can be done.

Implementing an integrated media platform, such as the Avid MediaCentral Platform, as the backbone of an operation enables broadcasters and sports organisations to deliver in-stadium experiences to fans without them needing to leave the comfort of their own sofas.

A fully streamlined media workflow that’s open to third-party solutions empowers broadcasters to prepare for new developments such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). VR and AR are set to explode upon the sports broadcasting industry as TV production opportunities are brought into the virtual environment. These include virtual capabilities such as a giant virtual ‘jumbotron’ screen, an immersive13 VIP lounge where users can interact, replays, stats and social media feeds, all creating a full virtual interactive experience for sports fans.

Whatever your sporting preference, it’s an exciting time to be in the industry as vendors and broadcasters work together to deliver exciting and engaging fan experiences.

Watch the entire Broadcast Technology and the Growth of OTT discussion from the SP Talks here:

Changing the Game

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