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Of the AAX Plug-Ins and enhancements available for Pro Tools, few are as powerful and unique as Synchro Arts’ VocALign PRO and Revoice Pro. These essential audio alignment and time and pitch editing tools are now available on Avid Marketplace. What’s more, you can grab the dramatically upgraded Revoice Pro 3.3 for 30 percent-off until 30 April 2017.

VocALign PRO

VocALign PRO is the most advanced version of the legendary VocALign program, providing instant tight alignment of one audio signal to another. Simply capture a Guide signal with the right timing, capture a Dub signal to be aligned, press one button, and the new aligned Dub is ready for spotting in your Pro Tools track.

VocALign PRO offers tremendous audio processing and control advantages when compared to VocALign Project, its capable counterpart. VocALign Pro includes improved audio quality and alignment accuracy, protectable signal blocks, user settable synch points and a longer maximum signal length.

“VocALign is the most significant advance in Automatic Dialog Replacement editing in my many years as an editor,” claims Julia Evershade, Dialogue Editor for titles including “The Matrix”, “The Green Mile”, “Antz” and “8 Mile.”  Steve Williams, Musical Director and Producer (Lisa Stansfield, Sting, The Human League, Gary Barlow) adds, “VocALign is a staple really, especially for backing vocals.”

Revoice Pro

Revoice Pro adds a wide range of impressive and unique capabilities to what VocALign Pro can do.

Whether you’re building stacks of vocal doubles or harmonies, tightening rap tracks, tuning vocals or creating realistic double tracks, Revoice Pro will help you do these tasks quickly and with unbeatable quality.

For music production, if you need to improve the pitch, timing or tightness of your vocal or instrument tracks in Pro Tools, Revoice Pro will save you heaps of time.

Its Warp function lets you quickly adjust the tuning, timing and sibilants of a lead vocal, tighten or create backing vocals, rap or instrument doubles and high-quality harmonies.   Its unique Audio Performance Transfer (APT) function can automatically and instantly transfer the timing, pitch, vibrato, intonation and loudness features from one vocal to one or more target vocals. The Doubler function creates incredibly natural-sounding double tracks.


For post production, Revoice Pro can not only sync ADR and wild tracks instantly, but can transfer the timing, pitch and intonation of one performance to another recorded by the same or different actor.

Revoice Pro is a multitrack, stand-alone application, with special AAX link plug-ins that gives Pro Tools users the benefit of a super high-speed, integrated workflow, provided by the Quick APT and Quick Doubler plug-ins.

Revoice Pro 3 dramatically enhances the productivity and freeing up of the creativity of some of the most demanding Pro Tools users.

“Revoice Pro 3 saves an obscene amount of time that used to be spent editing. I find it an incredibly musical plug-in because it allows you to make stuff tight and in tune with the guide audio, but still have variants. So you end up with backing and lead vocals that you can really push forward in a mix and into sounds. Killer to my ears.” says Francesco Cameli (Engineer: Queen, Genesis, Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey, Muse and Adele).

And Emre Ramazanoglu – Producer, Engineer and Mixer (Shakira, Afrika Bambaata, Prodigy, Sia, Mark Ronson, Pulp, Jack Savoretti and Warpaint remarks, “Revoice Pro let me tune a wildly out demo lead vocal (with a great vibe) and then match an equally out of tune double to this fixed lead instantly. It then was very simple to repeat and adapt this process with more bvs AND also generate additional doubles! UNREAL!!! Worked great!!”

See VocALign Pro 4 in action in this overview, and check out the power of Revoice Pro 3 here to get in the know about the great benefits these tools have to offer for music and post production.

Then come to Avid Marketplace and get them (and don’t forget that Revoice is available in April 2017 with huge savings)!

Download a free, 14 day VocALign PRO demo and see more information.
Download a free 14 day Revoice Pro demo and see more information.

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